Nutrition and physical activity during and after cancer treatment

I’ve seen all sorts of advice on the subject of nutrition for cancer survivors on various forums and blogs.  Some people hold very firm views about it being absolutely essential to give up this or that food if you want to survive. eg “sugar feeds cancer” etc etc.   This seems to be more prevalent on US forums, but can be found elsewhere as well.


Me, I am more interested in evidence-based guidance.  I also find hard motivate myself to give up food I like  unless there is some evidence for doing so.  I’ve found this article on the website of the American Cancer society:


Based on this, I intend to take regular exercise, eat a healthy diet and just enjoy life.


I hope this doesn’t offend anyone who does have strong views on this topic.  I thought it might be useful for people like me who just want to find out what they should or shouldn’t do based on whatever evidence is available.  

This is a really helpful article Blackswan & challenges a lot of popular theory - thank you for posting.

Hi BlackSwan , I totally agree with you ,there is so much misinformation out there surrounding this disease and its so easy sometimes to get duped by sciency sounding info online that just doesn’t have a shred of evidence to back it up, the list is unfortunately endless it seems, from restrictived  diets (which is the last thing a cancer patient needs)to pills and potions,and all manner of wacky treatments and remedies all purported to be the latest Cancer “Miracle Cures” .


Sugar feeding cancer is just one of those  Myths  , but sadly there are more than one million websites  capitalizing on the sugar fear with hardly none offering the science,.All food energy  regardless of its source  is converted into identical simple sugars that our bodies use for energy to function. Similarly, our bodies use the same chemical nutrients from foods regardless of their source. Just like healthy cells, cancer cells don’t care where the sugar comes from. And if we stopped eating completely, our bodies would then start tearing down fat and muscle stores for energy, but it wouldn’t’t stop the cancer until we died of starvation.  So really just more  silly nonsense!!


A few yrs back there was an email doing the rounds about all this stuff , it was purported to be from the eminent Johns Hopkins Cancer Center  ,things got so bad in the end that Johns Hopkins ,along with other cancer organizations  were forced to put a statement up on their websites debunking all these cancer myths.



It really can be a minefield out there sometimes ,in my 6 yrs of living with cancer I can honestly say I’ve never known another disease with so much hokum surrounding it,  My advice to anyone  for what its worth  always (Ask For The Evidence)


Off my soapbox now LOL. 


Linda x  :womanhappy: