Nutrition info on social media?

Are there any good accounts to follow on social media about nutrition and breast cancer? there is a lot of info and not sure where to look. Thanks

You may be interested in Dr Liz O’Riordan’s podcast on what to eat when you have breast cancer, which was published today. It is with Dr Clare Shaw who wrote the Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook. It might be a start?


Not on social media but accessible online via Zoom. a U.K. based charity near Bristol. Kim Wilcox is a nutritionist and runs many sessions online and there is also the opportunity to get 1:1 support

Social media is hard to know who is really qualified, many websites no content providers are now showing a PIF (patient information forum) tick to say there content is legitimate and been scrutinised for quality.

Hope this helps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I was just going to suggest that too . It’s Clare Shaw again .

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Hi, not social media but still very useful!


Thank you so much for this info I will look at these links. Very helpful. Not heard of the PIF tick before.

The podcast sounds good too.

So doesn’t sound like there are any good social media (Instagram or Facebook accounts) that are useful to follow?

Thanks again

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