obtaining tamoxifen in spain

Hi does anyone know if I can buy tamoxifen over the counter in Spain as I am going there for three months and I can only get two months tablets from my doctor

If you ring the pharmaceutical co. in England who supply the tamoxifen they should be able to help you with this. A drug that can be purchased in a ‘tourist’ area may not be so readily available in rural areas. They should be able to provide advice.

I have had a presciption collected for me in England and posted to me when I lived in Spain (with supporting prescription copy).

If by chance you do need to ring Spain after you have spoken to the company in England and you have a problem with the language; let me know , I may be able to help.


I shall be interested in how you get on as hubby is very keen to move to Spain, we have house hunted in Costa del sol region twice now and are going out again next week, only thing holding me back is the fact that i might not be able to get my Arimidex out there and i am not sure how good the health service is there. I was told Malaga had a good hospital but still have not found out if they have a breast unit or if my drugs can be got out there, anyone who does know would love to find out, cant really trust the estate agents as they will tell me anything to get a sale!


Have you actually told your doctor you will be away for more than two months?

If not, I suggest mentioning it to him/her. Mine was happy to give me extra when I went abroad - why should some arbitrary prescribing policy should stop you living your life to the full?

Good luck


Have had a phone call from Spain to be told she has bought Tamoxifen over the counter 60 tablets for 16 euros .I know I can get them for nothing next month when I am 60 here But the peace of mind knowing I can obtain them in an emergency or if I run out is immense. My doctor has just gone in with another practice and is having to toe the party line strictly 2 months at a time. He used to give out extra tablets but not now.
Suzzanne some areas of the south has excellent health facilities especially Alicante area. Not so sure what its like where I am going in Almeria or Malaga area.

Suzzanne when you go over pop into a pharmacy with your box of pills and ask them if they sell them over counter. They seem to sell most prescription drugs. Bit expensive but worth it. Also when you are shown around by estate agents speak to neighbours to see if they know what medical facilities are like.

Suzzanne - Hi- I lived on the Costa del Sol from 1985 to 1993, in Campo Mijas, in the hills between Fuengirola and Mijas. At that time, although retired from work, we were not of retirement age (husband 57 yrs, me 39 yrs) and did not take out “Residencia”, for tax reasons. Spain was not in the EEC when we went there and we were not entitled to the socialised health care - which is excellent, as older friends of ours used it. We had private medical insurance through Sanitas (later bought by BUPA) and it was not expensive…although when I was hospitalised in Malaga (Clinica Galvez) for a rectal haemorrhage, the insurance refused to pay as I had not declared I had Crohn’s disease. Cost us some £3,500 for 5 days in hospital, with various tests and IV’s, blood transfusions. I had my own room and a family member or friend was expected to be with you for “personal needs”, washing etc. There was a put-u-up type bed for the family member to stay overnight. Can’t rmember if the food was okay as I was on drips most of the time. The gastro didn’t speak English, I was not fluent in Spanish, so he had to resort to drawing diagrams on the back of an envelope. Hardly inspiring.

I had no trouble in getting my steroids (prednisolone) over the counter - the GP wrote me a note that I just took to the farmacia and paid for them.

I am sure things are a lot different now and that most Dr’s will speak English. The main hospital for that region is Carlos Haya in Malaga. There are two new state of the art hospitals on that coast, one outside Marbella, another in Fuengirola. We have just visited the area and met up with an 88 yr old friend - she has just had a hip replacement at the Marbella hospital and said her treatment was exemplary. Another good friend, sadly departed now, had a stroke and was unconscious. Her husband rang for an ambulance, which was there in 10 mins and they took her to the hospital/clinic in Fuengirola, but unfortunately she never regained consciousness. Her husband said the staff were wonderful and language was not a problem.

You might like to contact the British Consulate in Malaga for information on hospitals,prescriptions etc. I am sure they will have the appropriate information.

Good luck with your retirement!


Hi thank you to everyone who replied to me, i shall certainly take my box of Arimidex to a pharmacy when i go next week and if they say it is prescription only at least i will know it is obtainable. I have always been amazed that i can get antibiotics over the counter in Spain! Also their nurofen can be up to 800mg as opposed to the 400mg max you can get here. The pharmacists also seem very clued up as well. I usually go onto babel translations and i have a list of english to spanish notes explaining all about my medication. I wonder if i can get my Temazepan over the counter though i doubt it.

Thanks once again, as usual if i need to know anything i can come onto this site.


I live in Spain and am on Tamoxifen and it costs over the counter 14.65€ but on prescription is 1.40€. Arimidex is also available. It would be worth taking the E111 card and you could try seeing a spanish doctor and get him to do you a presciption.

I am also in Spain and yes you can buy it over the counter.


Wow thank you so much for that, what a relief, i imagined i would have to come back to England every month to get my tablets. Can’t wait to tell hubby tonight, he is so desperate to go to Spain, he works 127 hours a week here and it is killing him, he is in transport, anyone know how that is over there, the estate agents say he would have no problem getting work but i just think they will say anything to get a sale. Looking forward to house hunting next week now but still have to offload my house and in this market it is going to be so hard.

Thanks again

where are you coming to in Spain ?

Yes it is the estate agents rubbish they are telling him. If he is an HGV driver then he would be OK to transfer his licence, however to work for a Spanish company he would HAVE TO speak Spanish fluently. There are so many Brits here offereing transport services to and from the UK that it cannot be good business. If it is taxi work then he would have to pass the Spanish Taxi drivers test which is written ( in Spanish !! )

Thanks for that TerryJ, I need to hear the realities not the bogwash the estate agents tell you, he can’t speak a word of spanish, he is an HGV driver and at present a hi ab machinest and a transport manager. He also works on the railways doing various jobs. If we were just retiring then not a problem but he is only 46 and needs to work, so finding a job would be a first priority but not too sure how to do that, i would not just move out on spec and hope to find something.

We are coming out next friday 31st to Fuengirola (never spell that right) staying in the hotel Angela, we did the Yaramar in April but i was not too keen on it. We went with Inland Andulasia estate agents who take you about an hour inland we quite like sierra de yeugas but once again with house prices over here falling and needing to sell our own house it is going to take time.

The way the estate agents try to sell it is amazing, bins emptied every day, council tax the amount that we pay for for a year over here, cost of living cheaper and better climate, it sounds like paradise but i am as ever cautious.

Thanks so much for the imput i really needed a reality check


Hi Suzzanne,
Try other parts of Spain to, down at Fungirola the prices are quite high, even inland

I would use any friends you have to find something to buy and avoid estate agents like the plague. As this is not a travel page just PM me and I will give you my e mail address for any further info you might like.



If you are intending come here and live. Due to you being classed as an oncology patient you are entitled to see the National health Doctors even if you don’t have a spanish health card. It would be worth bringing some form of report from your UK doctor or oncologist.
I am an estate agent - things to bear in mind is that the banks are no longer giving good mortgage deals like they were 18 months ago. Not sure what the market is like in Fuengirola at mo but here in Ibiza the prices aren’t going down everyone is sitting on them hoping the market will pick up again!
Happy househunting

We are in Murcia, very hot summers and usually dry winters. According to the world health authority one of the healthest places to live ( mind you by the way the locals drinkl !!) All chemo´s are available and doctors brilliiant- From what I have seen if we had been in the UK my wife would not be here now.


Thanks once again for all the positive comments, we were going to house hunt in spain from tomorrow when we arrive there but the estate agents want us to put a deposit down this time and take out a spanish mortgage. Obvviously with our own house not being on the market we have refused. We will try different estate agents to see how the land lies and what we can get for our money, not going to be pressured into anything. I was told that i should fly home once a month and get my Arimidex and other medication on the NHS as usual, not really what i wanted from the estate agents i wanted them to find out things for me.

It has been so useful being on this site, thank you all so much


Hi Im in Spain for a few months went to get femara at the chemist it would have cost me 600 euroes so it was cheaper for me to go back to the UK for a repeat perscription it was 200euroes per 1 mth pack