October 2019 chemo starters


Anyone starting in October? I couldn’t see another group?


Lou x


This thread is for anyone due to start chemotherapy in October 2019.  I’m sure others will be here soon but please introduce yourself and you can all help one another through this phase of your treatment.  If you have any questions please post away on here and others in the community will watch over you whilst you are getting started.  Once you are into it you’ll be pretty good at helping each other.  You can also ask the nurses on this forum if you have any concerns.  In the meantime, the top tip is always to stay well hydrated throughout chemo, aiming for 2 litres of water per day.


Here is the BCC guide on chemo:



I finished my chemo over a year ago and doing very well again now.  Here is my story which has some chemo tips on how I coped which were collectively shared from others who had gone through the same from this forum: lifeafterlola.com/


Best wishes xx

Hi Lou

i have only just decided to post on this forum, as it’s taken some weeks for me to come to any sense of what’s happening and strength to do this.

i totally am with you with all your fears and daily struggles.

i had my first mammogram in February this year which came back clear.  This is my 50th birthday year, so I had been enjoying holidays with friends and family, great family and home life, and career.  My husband and I celebrated out silver wedding anniversary in July so us and the kids went to Antigua at beginning of July - life was fantastic…

came back from holiday and I discovered a lump above my right nipple, which the GP thought was a cyst I was referred under two week wait …ultrasound and biopsy a week later I was told I had 1.2cm invasive ducal carcinoma triple negative … I was devastated.

since that time I have had the most excellent care by my hospital trust, MRI,s, bone scan, CT etc etc, then told that I am not triple negative but HER2+ I am starting chemotherapy x6 sessions on 1st October and like you herceptin and Ptuzamab x 18 my consultant says my diagnosis is excellent which although I keep telling myself is really hard to sink in to my brain every test is a torture to wait for result. I will have surgery at the end as the consultant has a pro active approach to reduction in surgery.

I think like you when you have been such a strong, positive and pro active person with your life in control something like this has such a massive impact.

i have spoken to ladies who have been through this and they are so encouraging and said you will get through this & some have no problems … as we are starting our treatment at the same time  we should keep in touch ?


what is happening with work ?

with best wishes



Hi Lou ? 


I’m actually due to start FEC on 30th September but thought I’d join the October group rather than join the September party really late !!!


Amanda x



Hi, I’m 61 and married with two sons of 21 and 23. I was diagnosed in July with invasive breast cancer ER - HER2+ .

I had SNB and WLE in August with clear nodes and margins. The tumour was only 7mm but high grade so I have to have chemotherapy. I start soon on Paclitaxel every week for 12 weeks plus  Herceptin for a year. Got heart scans and pre-assessment booked for the next week or so. No date but it will be October.

Hi. I’m 41 with 2 young daughters and was diagnosed with IDC at the start of August after finding a small lump- it’s ER+ PR+ HER2- . I had surgery at the start of September and although it was only small was found to be in my sentinel lymph node so I need the full works of treatment starting with chemo- no date yet but my appointment with the oncologist is next week. Dreading chemo I have to say with fear of the unknown I think as much as anything but I’ve been reading up on lots of tips from other threads on products to use for nails etc and started buying a couple of bits. Got an appointment for a wig fitting at the end of the week to make sure I’m prepared xx

Hi I’m starting on Friday… slightly nervous how I’m going to feel after the sessions re nausea ?

Hi everyone. My name is Cherry and I’m pretty certain now I’ll be joining the October gang on Friday 18th. Reading here has certainly helped to calm my nerves.


I was recently diagnosed as Triple Negative in just the left hand side and so far it looks like my lymph is clear. I’m going to have chemo first and so have been having an endless assortment of scans which I hope are all proving I caught this early.


I found a lump about a month before my routine 50 year old mammogram. I mentioned it at the scan and they called me back for ultrasound and then a biopsy. Had I not mentioned the lump they would not have called me back as apparently my lump is very very shy when it comes to mammograms so I have been telling all my friends to get feeling and not rely on the scans. Hopefully all goes to plan. All I know so far is I will have Accelerated EC-T so 4 lots of 3 weeks and then 4 lots of 2 weeks. Then lumpectomy and then Rads. It’s a long road but nice to know there is a friendly bunch here to share the ride with.

Hi I’m new, I start chemo next Friday 25th October. Triple negative breast cancer.


leanne x

Hello ladies, well I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it into the October group but I’ve just snuck in - starting on Monday with first FEC. Nervous is an understatement although pleased to be getting started!

Evening. Just a quick update from me- had first FEC yesterday (can’t believe only yesterday) and unfortunately not plain sailing for me. 2 hours after the end of chemo I was really sick and faint and then so so sick all afternoon / evening (I’d had all the sickness meds including emend and it didn’t touch the sides). Also numbness in both arms and a bit in legs so ended up in a&e as the chemo assessment unit was full- so from 10 last night until about 5 today been in hospital having cyclizine (amazing by the way) and a drip as my sodium was low. In a way I’m not surprised as I was told if you have bad morning sickness you’re more likely to be affected by the sickness and I always respond to any meds with side effects! I’m back home though, in my own bed after hours on a  trolley and touch wood at the moment I’m feeling ok. I can still call the district nurses out as well to give metroclopromide as well xx

Had 1st round of EC on 21st Oct and this is day 10 of the cycle. It is the first time I have had the energy to report back. Although I have not suffered the awful vomiting some of you have, I was completely overtaken by nausea and heartburn and the fatigue has been indescribable! On day 8 I was given Cyclizine and Lansoprazole and everything improved. Have started eating small amounts again. Glad to be back in the land of the living!!! I wonder if my age-68-has any effect on how long it is taking me to ‘bounce back’? Thanks.

Curedars I too have just been prescribed cyclizine tablets as it worked for me in a and e. Just trying to get as much fluid in as possible which I’m starting to manage this afternoon luckily so I hopefully won’t need another drip.

Hope everyone else is doing as ok as possible xx

Hi ladies, I haven’t been on in a while as I was enjoying my third week feeling ok! 

Kathcurtis- thinking of you for Wednesday and your new puppy is gorgeous! 

Just had my second FEC with a dose reduction of 10% with cyclizine added in from the start and a higher dose of ondansetron so we’ll see how it goes. By this point last time I’d felt faint and the bad nausea had started. Got some a lift  nausea, a fuzzy head, and just feel weird but I’m getting as much fluid in as possible and munching slowly on some Ritz crackers! Fingers crossed!