October 2020 Chemo Starters


This thread is for anyone due to start chemotherapy in October 2020.  I’m sure others will be here soon but please introduce yourself and you can all help one another through this phase of your treatment.  If you have any questions please post away on here and others in the community will watch over you whilst you are getting started.  Once you are into it you’ll be pretty good at helping each other.  You can also ask the nurses on this forum if you have any concerns.  In the meantime, the top tip is always to stay well hydrated throughout chemo, aiming for 2 litres of water per day and get a thermometer and check your temperature every day.

Here is the BCN guide on chemo:


Here’s an excellent article for anyone concerned about hairloss. That’s pretty much everyone starting chemo: pinklotus.com/powerup/breastcancer101/chemo-hair-loss-and-menopause-hair-too/

Here are some apps which can help to keep you on track: 




I finished my chemo in October 2017 and doing very well again now.  Here is my story which has some chemo tips on how I coped which were collectively shared from others who had gone through the same from this forum:


If you decide to set up a private group its good to stay on here also during treatment as I know from experience there are some people who watch but don’t immediately pluck up the courage to join in.  Your conversations can be a real comfort to others.

Thank you for this site. I was told that I have grade 2 duct breast cancer (triple positive) 2 days ago and am still a bit dazed. I start my chemo first in October and am starting off by going cold turkey off my HRT patches, which is a traumatic beginning. So here I am at 4am unable to sleep…


I start chemo on 1st October, having had a mastectomy & lymph node removal 6 weeks ago. I am feeling extremely well, and going into this positively. I had chemo 4 years ago & coped fairly well. I lost my hair gradually but quite enjoyed wearing a wig, in as much as having a new look & no fuss with washing, styling etc. It grew back almost identical to how it was before. I’ve suddenly decided at the last minute to try the cold cap this time. I have long thick hair, so will see how it goes. I did have constipation last time, which wasn’t pleasant, so will be armed with plenty of laxatives. Also, the steroids increased my appetite considerably & I did put weight on, although I think I used that as an excuse to eat all the cakes/pies/pizza that I’d been denying myself for years . This time is a different cancer treatment, so I know I cannot directly compare. Good luck to everyone else joining me on this ‘journey’ in October.


Hey all. I am meant to be starting chemo in Oct providing everything goes well. I am just about to go for my MRI today and then have my ct scan on Thursday. I’m still waiting for my bone scan appointment. I feel like everything is moving so fast. I only found the lump 3 weeks ago and will be looking to start chemo in the next few weeks.

I feel more relaxed than I did last week. But oh my gosh us women have such hidden strength I never knew I had. 

I would love some tips on how to make chemo easier…  I’ve heard laxatives.

My sister has offered to buy me a wig so I guess it’s all steam ahead. 

I’m just praying all my scans come back clear cos I feel like I’ve had enough bad luck now. 

Good luck everyone. 

My chemo starts today but 30th September is almost October…

Feeling very anxious about the whole chemo thing - my partner died a couple of years ago so I’m being supported by my best friend and my daughter.  I’m scared about being a burden.  My daughter is a teacher so she works incredibly long hours and she and my best friend have already supported me through necrotising fasciitis, the death of my partner and issues with a couple of foster children.  Talk about being the needy friend!

I suppose it’s not knowing what side effects I’ll get/how I’ll feel.  My cancer was grade 3 (it would be) and I had a mastectomy in August.  I’m on Fec T followed by radiotherapy and 10 years of hormone treatment.

I told my foster child I was thinking of having a tattoo on my head saying ‘best before 2020’ but he thought that wasn’t a good idea and we should just get a rubber stamp made!

Hi All

First post here.

Just been diagnosed and have appointment with oncologist next week.  Its all moving very fast which I guess is a good thing, however I am terrified.

I am having chemo first to hopefully shrink the tumour then hopefully a lumpectomy but that will all be down to the results of the gene tests they are going to carry out.

Its all so overwhelming at the moment.

Hi everyone

It is currently 5am and I have my first appointment with the oncology team tomorrow following the results of my lumpectomy on Wednesday. I was really optimistic hearing my margins were clear and no spread to the lymph nodes and ready to embark on this next journey but lying here now I realise I have no idea what I am in for and worrying how this will affect my two boys

anyway I thought I would say hi as hopeful my chemo will start really soon. It will be nice to chat to people going through the same thing.

Good luck with your journeys everyone xx

Hi all

  Glad I’ve found this thread. I found a ’ Dent ’ at the end of July, had mammogram ,ultrasound and biopsies on the 8th Aug. Results on the 21st , mastectomy on the 1st Sept.  Diagnosed 23mm lump, 1 out of 9 nodes infected ,margins clear. ER+ PR+ HER-. pre chemo tomorrow for corvid swab and bloods. Picc line fitting on Wednesday then 1st chemo on the 12th ! Phew ! 

It’s all been so fast. I’ve been signed off work since the biopsies,  I work in a busy supermarket. Because of this covid thing. Hubby is getting quite paranoid about it. 

Not worried about the hair loss  as I usually have very short hair anyway. 

I’ve been referred for genetic testing  as both my mum and her sister both had BC and died before they turned 50. And I’m 55. .

Am I the only one that now dislikes her remaining boob ?

Hope all goes well for you all. 

Mo xx

Wow, reality has set in and its all moving very fast now… which I’m sure is a good thing!!

Just had call from hospital.  I have an appointment Wednesday afternoon again with the oncologist to get everything explained and consent forms signed i’ve been told.

I then have appointment Thursday @ 9am to have a picc line fitted ( i’m dreading this more than the treatment)

Friday @ 10am I start my first chemo treatment, not sure how i will feel after that, how did everyone else feel after their first treatment?

Its all scary and new xx

Glad to hear everyone’s treatments are going well and that you all feel quite well.

I’m really starting to get nervous about starting my treatment on Monday.

Can anyone recommend what, if anything, I need to take with me? 


I started chemo last week. I am 42 have Her2 postive, hormone positive cancer lump in left breast and at least one lymph node. I have 3 kids under 10. 

I slept for two whole days and nights after a first evening feeling very nauseous. So that wasn’t too bad. Luckily my husband took the kids out most of the time. I think I am starting to have piles (never had one before), feel a bit bloated, will try to drink loads more water. I don’t feel too tired, the doctors said it is really important to walk and stay active (couldn’t the first couple of days i was knocked out sleeping). I had the red chemo and another one, I think quite strong. 

I have painted my nails bright red and obsessed for hours over head ware, I don’t want to wear a wig. Hair should start to fall out next week. I don’t really care as long as the drugs work. My 5 year old daughter is very upset that I will lose my hair and has asked me if I can wear make up and jewellery to look pretty with my headscarf. Ahhh. Its true for years I haven’t made much effort with young kids. Will have to start now. 

I have another 5 months of chemotherapy mixed with the drug for the HER2 protein and hormone therapy, then will need a mastectomy, then radiation . 

I actually feel quite hungry after the first few days of feeling not great. Also was craving protein. Is this normal? 

Also when I swallow it feels a bit sore and need to chew a lot, have a kind of heart burn and have some mouth sores forming. Its nothing dramatic but since its only the beginning hope it won’t get much worse. 

Once you start chemo you don’t see the doctors much, I had got used to going for all the tests etc. 

I get the impression the tumour is already shrinking, is that possible or just wishful thinking? Makes all the side effects worth while in any case. When I was sitting having my chemo I was more relieved than anything. I had to wait weeks and weeks while they did all the  tests and just wanted to start getting better. 

Hi everyone I hope your all having an ok weekend.

I had my second EC on Tuesday and although not feeling as sick this time I feel like I’ve been a zombie. I’ve managed a daily walk but that is about it. Oh and heart burn I never had that as bad last time ouch.

Does anyone get really achy after their third jab oh my my neck shoulders back are sore to touch! 

Even though I cold capped my hair has really thinned and getting some patches that are harder to hide. Need to make a decision what to do going forward so I give up with the cold cap??

On the bright side it’s Sunday roast today and hopefully the day to turn the corner and start feeling more human. 

No letter for me either. I did have my gp call and she said oh I’m sure you will get one nearly Xmas ??

It’s so bizzarre to think how normal I feel after a bad week after chemo.