October 2022 chemo starters

This thread is for anyone who starts chemotherapy in October 2022 to share thoughts and experiences.

Hi,  I am starting Chemo on the 12th October. I am really nervous about it so thought I would kick this off to share experiences! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:  

Hi. I am starting tomorrow (29th Sep). Lot of unknowns but hopefully after few rounds I will know what to expect and how to cope. Good luck to all going through chemo this winter x


I am HER2+ & am starting neoadjuvant chemotherapy on 3rd & I’m going to try the cold cap.

Scared but keen to get started.


IDC ER-PR-Her2+ 

I’m 6weeks post single mastectomy. I start Oct 4th with Trastuzumab and Oct 5th Docetaxel & Carboplatin. Feeling quite anxious.

Hi all, just a quick check-in to see how everyone is doing & hope those who have already started treatments are doing ok! xxx 

Hi all,

I’m not long back from meeting my oncologist to discuss chemo. So far I’ve had mastectomy, DIEP flap reconstruction and left ANC only. Going to be commencing EC (3 x) from 18th Oct and then will be following up with paclitaxol (9x).

Have to be honest but after reading through the patient leaflets about the drugs I’m now pooping my pants .

I’ve chosen not to have the cold cap because my hair is already fine and thin anyway so I expect it’ll be too painful. I also already have a stash of wigs that I used pre-cancer anyway so I’ll just make use of those.

I’m going to get a portacath(?) in place too because unfortunately the arm with the good veins is now a no go. I’ve had some dodgy experiences with folks trying to use my other arm so this will prove beneficial to me and the caregivers.

Nice to “meet” you all and fingers crossed for as smooth a ride as possible for us all x

Hey everyone,

Been a while since I’ve posted on here. Have taken the approach of burying my head in the sand as much as possible I think since active treatment finished. I’m back at work full time and my hair is growing back although sad to see I’m not one of the fortunate ones whose hair is growing back thicker. I’m still very fine/thin on top. My eyebrows aren’t really making a big effort either ?.

Seem to be coping okay on Tamoxifen and am due to start Zoladex in August and now have a load of pills to take after my DEXA scan has shown I have osteopenia and low Vitamin D levels.

Has anyone else here had full lymph node clearance? I have a holiday booked and I know that mozzies see me as an all you can eat buffet so am a bit concerned about lymphoedema risk. Don’t suppose anyone has any good repellant tips?