October Mastectomy Ladies


As there are threads for ladies having had or about to have their mastectomies, now that I’ve got my surgery date through, I thought I would start one for October.

Anyone with me?

Mine is on 12 October and I’m having a bilateral MX with delayed recon. Looking forward to getting rid of “the gremlin” but will miss my lovely breasts. :frowning:


Hi sandytoes

My bilateral mx and node clearance is 29th September so not strictly October but all sept ladies are ahead of me so would love to join this thread. Been for pre op assessment today so it all seems very real all of a sudden.

Love Rach x


I too will be an October mastectomy lady and will look forward to reading the posts. Have a date for 13th but not one for the pre op thing.

Mines on 3rd Oct but am having immediate DIEP so not sure if I should join this thread or not

5TH oCTOBER, Having the dye/node at the same time. Have to go to another hospital the day before for the radioactive stuff. Getting a bit anxious now, worried about infections of all things!! Keep foretting the bigger picture of what might happen dependent on the results!


Jo C - I started this thread before you started the other one - nobody replied but then I saw yours and now we have 2!!

Rachel and I are both having an elective bilateral mastectomy due to our family histories. But I would have had to have had a left mastectomy anyway.

We’re all in the same boat and the more the merrier to support each other - but what shall we do re the two threads…?!

Anyone else being treated at the Marsden?


Are the mods able to merge the 2 threads does anyone know? If not we will have to just keep one going and direct everyone to the active one. Sorry I didn’t see this one when I posted mine.

Hi Jo C,

Sorry but with this current system unfortunately we can’t merge threads, hopefully when the new system comes on line we may be able to.

Jo, Facilitator

Hi I am booked to have a mastectomy and reconstruction on 11th Oct. Was diagnosed in March and had six rounds of chemo since April. 2 x FEC and 4 x Taxotere. Anyone else had neoadjuvant chemo? Would be good to compare notes.


Thanks for clarifying Jo.

Shall we stick to this thread:


So Rachel, 1234, Applestreet is it OK if you pop over to that thread so we don’t get confused?