odd skin on both breasts

The skin on both my breasts looks like I have permanent goosebumps. It is noticeable when I look down at them and especially under light. I know they were never like this before.
I have already been to my GP as also had other symptoms (prominent veins round nipples & itching) and was told everything looked normal. Still got sent to breast clinic where breast consultant also said the same but still had mammo and ultrasound to make sure and all was clear. Now I just cant get this out of my head about why my breasts look like they have goosebumps as I have no answers. Think I’m worried about IBC. I’m driving myself mad with worry still. Has anyone else suddenly got goosebump like skin on their breasts?

Hi beck76

I am sorry that no one has replied to you yet, i am sure that will change very soon.  In the meantime if you ahve any questions you would like to talk through please do give our free phone support line a call, 0808 800 6000. Alternatively if you prefer to ask questions by email we also have another excellent free service, Ask the Nurse.

Best wishes
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