Oestrogen and Progesterone positive

Hi Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this, I was at the Gynacologist on thurs and he had a trainee doctor with him, he told her i was highly oestrogen and progesterone positive, this was the first i had heard of this as i have never been told anything by my breast unit. I am on Arimidex after a mastectomy and auxillary clearance.

Two years on and i am slowly finding out things but understand nothing.

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Hey Suzi
You are taking Arimidex, an AI, because your cancer was ER+ and PR+. If you want to find out more then worth looking at the info. on the BCC site, there are also lots of threads about different types of BC.
Hope you gynae. appointment was okay.
I too am nearly 2 years since diog. in a way became informed fairly quickly thanks to this site and fellow forum users.
All the best Alice

Dear Suzy,

I have attached the links to some BCC publications which may help.




You can also phone our helpline for information and support. The opening times are Monday- Friday 9.00am-5.00pm and Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm. The number is 0808 800 6000

I hope this helps

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BCC Facilitator

Thank you for responding to me, it is so kind of you and for the info, i really should ask but every time i get into the breast unit i kind of freeze and just go along with whatever is being done.
I really appreciate your help.


Hi Suzy,

It might help you to ask for a copy of your lab report and ask a breast care nurse to go through it with you. xx

Hi Suzy
You can ask for copies of all your letters so you can read these at your leisure. There will be a lot of words you will not understand in them and my advice is don’t try looking them up on the net even in the most experienced of hands they can sometimes prove misleading
but you can ask your GP or BC Nurse what they mean. It is always useful to have a notebook with you to write things down either questions that have come to you when you least expect or to write what they say down. No-one minds you doing that and in my experience I am always happier that people go away informed rather than worried or concerned they didn’t understand.

Once again thank you so much, i will take a notebook with me next time and try not to panic when i go through those doors!

I used to write down some questions I wanted to ask in the 2 or 3 days leading up to my appointments, then take them in with me. The oncologists were very good when I went prepared. If I had forgotten anything due to chemo brain, my husband would ask as he attended all of my appointments.