Oestrogen and vitamins

I want to take some vitamins but without oestrogen in, can anyone tell me what to look out for on the label so I don’t accidentally take them?

hi, i only take cod liver oil with vitamins in, spoke to the pharmasist at the time a he said they were ok. if you have any doubts show them what you would like and they will tell you if they are ok.


Hi small1,

I take a variety of supplements here’s a link to my blog site where I’ve listed all the supplements I take. fightingthebeastwithin.blogspot.co.uk/p/supplement-list.html, this list was compiled after extensive research over a year, I have checked all of them out with my oncologist and he has said they were fine to take with the prescribed medication I am taking which include tamoxifen, clonidine and herceptin. My advice would be to take a list of the supplements you want to take and ask your oncologist whether or not they are fine to take with the conventional medication you are already on.

Hope this helps
Sarahlouise xx

Hi I’m the same can’t have anything with phytoestrogen or oestrogen in so have been looking everywhere for some vitamins…I found wellwomen plus tablets it’s 26 vitamins in one tablet and the other it’s primrose oil fish oil etc …i did contact the company who produces this product and they have confirmed none of there wellwomen tablets etc have phytoestrogen or oestrogen…Im on tamoxifen aswell and pain in muscles is a nightmare…been on the wellwomen tablets for 3 days and I’m now thinking sweats have ease off a bit so hoping they going work xx