Off we go again

Hi - I found a new lump (2years after my initial diagnosis) just before Christmas. Had my routine appointment today. The doc was great - he said it was unlikely to be BC but he has done a FNB and book me in for an urgent ultrasound scan and core biopsy on Thursday with the results expected Thursday week. He didn’t want me waiting around too long bless him.

My rational side tends to believe he is right - it will be OK. However… I really don’t want to have to lose another year of my life to surgery and chemo. It is c**p ot be back on the old waiting for results treadmill again.

Thanks for listening - Jacqui

Hi Swanie,

I can’t offer anything other than cyber hugs (((((((((())))))))) and to hope that everything turns out to be okay and thats its nothing perhaps than scar tissue. I do so hope you are not getting back on the rollercoaster other than for this biopsy, xx

Hello Swanie

Sorry you’ve got this worry again. You don’t say where the lump is exactly. My affected breast where I had the WLE 2 years ago feels very lumpy but the radiologist says it’s scar tissue and also changes caused by radiotherapy. I do hope yours turns out to be harmless too and that the waiting isn’t too bad.
Take care
Anthi x

Hi Swanie,
I am in same boat as you. Thought I had got to 2 years, then found new lump in other breast!! Found 1st lump 15th Jan 2007, had mast, chemo and rads. Found new lump 11th Jan this year! I had bone scan, and ct yesterday, but have to wait another 2 weeks before ultrasound and biopsy, which is a bit frustrating. I need to know now!! Sometimes I think it’s not the cancer that gets me down, it’s the constant uncertainty…raised blood levels, pain, lumps…it seems every day brings a new problem when all you want to do is get on with life.
Best of luck, and hopefully we will both be ok.