Offered blood transfusion

Hi, yesterday I had my 5/6 chemo. The day before on my telephone clinic call, they informed me im borderline for a blood transfusion. Cut off being 9 and I’m apparently 9.1.

I decided to not have it for now as I font have any extreme symptoms, dizziness, exhaustion or  breathlessness.

However I have had a dull headache for the last couple of days, which I had put down to wig wearing as I’d had it on for longer days than abnormal, or needing to drink more or even sleep more.

Anyone had a transfusion or been given the option and can saybif they had dull head aches?

Of the symptoms they listed I get breathless if I do too much too quickly,but I’ve been like that since starting chemo, and I do feel done in by tea time, but again that’s an ongoing thing too, perhaps more so this week than is normal for third week before chemo?

O viously if I need it I will have it,but figured ifni could get by without that would

be better??




I was like you but in the end they stopped the chemo and let me recover by myself. I got 4 out of the 6  treatments but continued with Herceptin and rads. I had already had my surgery before the chemo.

Hi Xena. Could you not have iron tablets instead of the transfusion? Otherwise eat iron rich foods. Drinking fresh orange juice also helps your body to absorb iron and milk hinders it.

When i had iron tablets i had a drink of fresh orange before taking them.

Life Mel honey is also good for anaemia. It is expensive but worth it xx

Thank you both. They have given me a sheet with iron rich foods in, butvti bve hoinest I’m struggling a bit with foods I fancy eating anyway, without trying to force something I don’t want down! Perhaps I shall see if I can take iron tablets as you suggest.

I’m still feeling fine too thankfully,no dizzy breathless spells.