Oh dear!!! Not Again

Hi All

Soz for being quiet lately!!

Found another lump on other breast so in a bit of a state!!

Spoke to a diffferent BC nurse today (mine on hols) on way to counselling. Going to see consultant next week.

Just finished Rads and lumpectomy. Oh my god I thought I was so lucky and look whats happened.

Sorry for moaning
Kay xx

Oh no! You poor thing, you are not moaning at all. No wonder you are in a bit of a state. Can you not see consultant before next week? I hope and pray for you that it turns out to be nothing. Try to hang on in there, I know it’s hard.

I know!!! What a carry on!!

Nothing will change in a week so will have to keep thinkin pos!!!

Thanks for your hugs xxxx


I found a second lump in my other breast just after my second surgery ( i’ due to start my chemo next week). I found the lump the day i was due to see the surgeon for my post op check-up which was lucky. i told him and he checked it, it was small, about the size of a pea.( i found it by using the breast check gel glove) He said that because the mamograme never showed it up i was to get an ultrasound and it showed up straight away, the doctor that did that told me it was just a cyst. so i know how your feeing just now, but try not to worry - easy to say i know. Can you not ask your bcn to ask the surgeon to refer you for an ultrasound before you see him to save time later.
Let me know how you get on please.

take care.
Ann x

Hi Vodka

Thanks for your comments.

This new lump does feel like a pea too!! Trying not to let my imagination run wild (easier said than done).

At the breast clinic they seem to send us straight away for an ultrasound so fingers crossed they tell me it is a cyst.

Will let you know

take care
Kay x

Hi Kay
i know how you feel , i too found another lump in my good boob while on rads in march, it started as a red patch and then i found swelling underneath, my onc sent me back to the breast clinic and had a biopsy ( which came back clear of cancer ) and said it was inflammation due to infection but i had no pain or temp,i rang up middle of may to be seen again because the lump was still there and saw another breast surgeon who was fantastic and agreed with me that due to my original dx he said it needs to come out so i am now waiting to have it removed ( by fantastic surgeon himself ) on 27th june, my original tumour was so they thought a "“swollen lymph gland”"taken out july 07 and when we went back for the results it turned out to be grade 3 invasive ductal her2+ so had to go back for wle ( my choice ) and node clearance 7/21 involved, then 3x fec, 3xtax, 5wks rads and 18 herceptin,hopefully it will be ok but you can’t help worrying can you, the thought of going through it all again!!! i will keep checking to see how you have got on
GOOD LUCK!!! MIZZYxxxxxxxxx

Hi Everyone

I am so scared tonight my boob hurts (probably me poking around)!!!

Trying to keep calm and keep thinking as long as they can sort me out I can get through this!!!

Thankyou all for your replies

Best Wishes
Kay x

Hi Kay - So sorry you are going through all this worry. Hope you can get some sleep now…keep your hands above the covers!! They will sort you out, it’s the waiting and not knowing that’s awful. We are all thinking of you - let us know how you get on. Sarah xx

Hi Kay,
I was diagnosed last July and then had 4EC and 4 Taxotere first , then just before my op I had scan and mammogram and I had a new lump… not on mammogram but very noticible on scan, I had been having regular scans so def not there before, they tried fna it was not a cyst as you can imagine i was worried but also thinking how can a new cancer grow when Ive been having all this… anyway I had to have a biopsy and it was a benign fibroadenoma so they took it out with first lump. Mine was like a 6mm little pea too so hope yours is a benign lump like mine.

Take care and try keep calm, I know its easier said than done,
Let us know how you get on
Dawn X

When my friend had a painful hard pea, her doc said that is a good sign, it makes it more likely to be a cyst and it was. My sister in laws’ hard conker like breast lump was fibrous tissue and ok. My lump was more like thickening, soft, mobile and totally painfree and mine was cancer. I also read in the newspaper that cysts don’t show up on mammograms, not sure if that is true, but might be why they don’t spot them. Wishing you all the luck in the world
Lily x

Thanks girls for your all your kind thoughts and best wishes

Am trying not to think about it today as it is scaring me to bits!!!

I even dreamt about it last night blooming mind plays awful tricks!!!

Will find out more on Wednesday

Love Kay x

Oh the waiting is sooo hard, poor you. Just be reassured that you have found it and if it is anything, it will be treated straight away. Easier said than done, I know.

Sending a big ((HUG))

Louise x

Thanks Louise need lots of hugs at the min!!!

How are you doing? Have you started your RAD’s at Jimmys yet? I remebered!!!

Kay x

Hi All

I have sat here for days reading these forums and can’t explain how I feel!!

Going back to breast clinic tomorrow with new lump in good boob and my head is just a fog. What will I do if it is back??

Everybody else sounds so brave.

I was doing so well and now I think I am driving everbody round the bend.

Anyway thanks for listening needed a good moan

Kay x

Hi Kay.
You are not moaning you are worried and need to let it out,we all know how that feels.
I don’t see it as being brave,we are coping as best we can and trying to lead as normal a life as we can, for our sakes and our loved ones.

You are doing well and you will cope,you are bound to feel anxious but hang on in there,we are all with you.

Good luck tomorrow and take care.


Thankyou for that Mary xx

Just need to get through tomoro morning and know what it is?

Very poor concentration today but I am sure it will pass

Dont think tamoxifen helps as flushes are very frequnt at the moment

Oh dear what a state am I

Best wishes
Kay xx

Kay - no wonder you are in a state, thank goodness Wednesday is nearly here and you will know what is going on. Do hope that you will get good news. We are all here for you supporting you, and understanding how frightening this must be for you. Please let us know how things go once you get back from the clinic. With you in spirit. Love Sarah

Hi girls

Just got back from breast clinic and I have got cysts!!! whoopeee. having them drained on friday!

I saw the same girl who found the cancer in the other boob and she remembered me!!

Said lots of thankyous and shed lots of tears

Thankyou for all your best wishes and support

Love Kay xx

Top news Kay…whoo hoooooo xxxxxx

Hi Kay,
wot can I say but fantastic, feel for you, celebration tonight
Take care
Love Dawn X