oh dear what shall i do?!

well guys im 9 months after dx and op(wle snb)and rads i started phased return to work at end june then had the 6 weeks school hols back full time at beginning sept. im in foundation stage and the kids are not even in yet so lots of prep. however, im knackered god knows how i will feel when we have 90 3 year olds, but i feel soooo guilty about thinking of part time or giving up comepletly(which if im honest i would like to do) as you all know and feel the same as i do that every day is precious even tho my prognosis is proberbly the best anyone could wish for im struggling with the work life balance thing, any advice would be welcome

Hi Sue

I had a similar decision a few years ago though it wasn’t related to bc, but hope my comments help…

My son has autism and other problems and I too was struggling with work/life balance with the amount of time I was taking out of work and felt guilty asking others to take him to the Drs etc. In the end I decided nothing was more precious than my family so I decided to work part time, it meant changing jobs but I haven’t regretted it one bit.

The bc does make you sit up and look at your life and to me, family comes fist and of course your own well being!

I’m not sure if this helps, but perhaps you could ask if your post could be job shared or something?

Good luck Denise x

Have PMd you x