Oh girls, what a to do!

No sleep with pesky armpit lump. Took your advice phoned BCN, not available, 3hrs later she phoned back, ‘Can you wait until Weds when you’re due in for stitches out/nodes result?’ ‘No, if I could I wouldn’t be phoning!’ I’m glad I’m older, years ago I couldn’t have made a stand. Went to A&E, another 3hrs later and multitude of phone calls, lovely lady Doc, ‘post operative complications, need to see a surgeon today’. On and on, eventually BCN made appearance, a surgeon materialised, 5mins later seroma drained painlessly. My notes probably read TM (troublemaker). I was cross and tired but swelling gone. Now, would you believe it, golf ball reincarnating! I am fed up, had been doing so well and thinking myself fortunate compared to many others. Well, tinytina, hoping I’m not going to have your bad luck. Sorry to be so down.

Good for you. You would think that there would be a bit more understanding considering the situation. Hope you are feeling better.

Seromas can refill, but if it does, you can ask them to drain it again when you’re back for your stitches… and well done for sticking up for yourself! Isn’t it a shame that we have to be so flipping forceful sometimes.

Good for you to make a stand! I do wonder about some of these healthcare professionals and why they went into a medical profession.

Try and keep your spirits up. I know it’s hard but try. I’m trying but I found this website to be the best for advice and seeing that you are not alone.

You’re dead right to insist on it being drained. When I first developed a seroma in January 2010, doctors started draining it, but the Oncologist in charge of my treatment at the time said it’s best to leave it, as this forces the body to deal with it - WRONG. What happened was that my body formed a capsule round the fluid, which eventually they had to remove surgically. The seroma is only just resolving now (although I have had to wear a compression bra 24/7).
Most seromas do resolve on their own, but doctors shouldn’t assume they will.

Good on you, you would think we had enough to stress us out without having to push medics into treating us.