Oh so its Zoladex !!!!!

I have been living with secondary bc in my bones and lung for over 2 years now.
My treatment is zoladex, femara, herceptin and zometa.

I delayed my treatment for one week to go on holiday (as I have done before).

However after my usual zometa and herceptin treatments, I did not have any of the usual side effects !! I know some people do not get any follwing herceptin. However I usually get a drugged sicky feeling and massive increase in hot flushes.

I started to panic a bit. Anyway, when I went for my zoladex i realised that I should have had it last week…Oh so its the zoladex… !!!.So…

Does anyone else get an increase in hot flushes etc, with herceptin ???

Also has anyone else been a week late with zoladex and should I do anything ???

Julie x

Morning Julie,

Wrote a reply and computer crashed so here we go again!

I’m on zoladex, arimidex and zometa but not herceptin. Try to have the zoladex and zometa on the day as I find it easier (to fit hols in!!!). I’ve adjusted the zoladex a little bit in the past with the approval of my onc. The practice nurses want it 4 wks but I discussed with onc re hols a while ago and she said a week/10 days or possibly up to a fortnight delay would be acceptable. Was away while volcanic ash hit and it looked like I may be delayed up to 2 weeks - it may have been wishful thinking on my part!! - so I emailed onc’s secretary to check as I already knew a week’s delay was ok. That’s when she said in my case, up to 2 weeks was my ‘limit’.

Just to give you an idea, last year I wanted a month or two off the zoladex and arimidex as I was at the end of my tether with the SEs but the onc said that was deffo not advisable in my case.

I just adjust my appointments now if needed.

Hope this helps, hun.

Liz xx

My bcn said a week either side of the 28 day due date for zoladex is ok.

Thanks for your advice Liz and Lolly. Feel better about the whole thing !!

Julie x

A bit late here - just seen this post. I only have herceptin and don’t get hot flushes with it. I can even wear polo neck sweaters now!
All the best with your side effects - I know it is miserable, as if we didn’t have enough to put up with.