Ointment/cream recommendations - radiotherapy starts Monday

Hi everyone


My radiotherapy starts in a few days, and I’d love to hear about any creams, lotions or potions that have helped you to keep your skin in as good condition as possible.


Unfortunately,  I have very fair, sensitive skin, and my poor lily white boobies haven’t seen the light of day since I was a toddler, so I expect I’ll need to be extra careful!  ?


Thank you in advance.  







Hello and welcome to the forum.


When you went for your planning apt did your team not suggest anything to you?


I think generally it seems to be E45, I have heard other ladies say about diprobase ( not sure on teh spelling) You could always give your rads team a call and ask them their advise so that you have everything in place before you start.


There is something called R1 R2, which is prescribed by your GP, it is a two part process one bottle is the moisturiser and the other is the gel cooling agent.  If you are having hormone blockers then it will be free as you have had cancer and as long as you are on the tablets all prescriptions are free.


Make sure you take in plenty of fluid a good 2 litres a day is recommended as it helps with the dehyration effects of the rads and potential fatigue.


If you click on the following link it will take you to the monthly rads threads where there are loads of lovely ladies currently going through or about to start rads and they will be able to offer your help and support.




Helena xx

The only ingredient to look out for is SLS which is the only thing proven to make a reaction worse. I was told any moisturising cream would do, just not to apply it immediately before a treatment and apply it often. I used an Aveeno one.