Ok I'm fed up now

Hi to anyone out there,
Today was rad 14/15 so nearly there. But, my skin is sore and itchy, I’ve got a possibly cracking nipple, spots on my chest, scar getting a bit angry, a lump returning where my breast tissue was ‘moved about’ during surgery and am just uncomfortable.
Raaaaaaarhh. It’s not fair.
That’s it. Off my chest now (yep corny, but how else do you put it?). Back to normal soon!

hey susie

didnt want to read and run… it does get easier hunny… i had a bit of reaction from my rads too but im now year post rads on the right and 7 months post rads on the left and the skin has settled down although still have a wee square suntan on them both from the boosters.

some people just seem to have slightly more sensitive skin and are more likely to have a reaction to the rads, but in a few weeks it will just feel like a bad memory.

take care
love Lxx

Susie you haven’t said if you have any cream to put on the area? 3 weeks post rads I am using up the last of a very large pot of acqueous cream. My skin held out OK during 18 rads with lavish amounts of cream. Have you spoken to the radiographers they can poss refer you to the rads dermatology nurse or similar. Don’t suffer in silence hun. Good luck with final rads tomorrow. Love Jackie

Lulu and Libby thank you for your support. I have been putting loads of E45 cream on. Yesterday the rads ladies gave me some new-skin gel to put on any cracking skin and that did help. I put some more on this morning. Also today they gave me another present - a cooling gel sachet that you put onto your skin, even leave it inside your bra, and it can be reused lots of times. So I’m getting good help.
I think there are a whole lot of emotional issues around bc that are sometimes going on in the back of your head and then sometimes they come to the surface. That’s what was getting at me yesterday I think. I don’t feel any different today, but am just more able to push the negative thoughts away. I’ve finished rads now, which is great - just got to get on with healing.
Thanks for your kind words - they do help.

yay! Well done on your last rad! Now you have the all clear, it is all behind you, phew, back to normal etc etc etc…

Seriously ( and just to totally stress that the above was sarcasm!), well done on getting through all the treatment and hope you manage to spend some time recovering physically and emotionally over the next few months. Big pat on your back,


HI sussex girl and others
I had a very sore boob while having rads started half way thro, rotten skin peeling off and very bad smell when changing the dressing, was given gell pads and cooling pads to put inside the bra, which was very soothing.

But on a brighter note 18 months down the line all cleared up quick quickly. still got scar tissue but that take a lot longer to heal, as i was opened up 3 time.

But on arimidex now with the usual se aching finger nd knee joints but we have to live with that with help of pain relief and get on with life the best we can