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come through my surgery fine,seen consultant who has asured me my cancer is gone,nodes clear also,but then told i had HER2 so have to have chemo herceptin hormone tabs and rads.has anyone else had this?looks like im off bandana shopping lol xxxx


     good luck with the rest of your treatment, just wanted to say there is a great company on line called annabandana, they do great scarves/bandana,s and are very reasonable 


L x

Hi fallenangel - I’m in the same boat as you. My op was in June and told very early stage and grade then was hit with the bombshell that it was her2. I was told herceptin is the wonder drug but to get that we need chemo. There are some monthly chemo threads on here and I’m sure ladies who have been through it will be answering your thread also. This site is a godsend for information and reading some of the threads have certainly made me feel a lot better about it. I went to a wig shop to try n some wigs as you can order one online if you need it and they only take a few days to deliver. I’m also going to look at annabandana too xxx

Hi fallenangel

It’s actually much more common than you think and I wish I’d been told that and I wouldn’t have had such a shock when it happened to me. I was told my tumour was 10mm and grade 1. After WLE I was then told it was 35mm, grade 3 and her2+. I’m passed chemo and surgeries now and just on Herceptin. It’s behind you before you know it. Re wigs. I’m in Scotland so not sure what happens in other places. I got a prescription to take to a salon and tried on a few. The danger of ordering online is it might look great in the picture but then look terrible on you. I looked like cousin It from the Addams family in some of them and I’ve got a really small head so the one I went for had to be adjusted and trimmed. The shop did all that for me too. After all that, I never wore it and stuck to hats in the cold weather and then went bald when it got warmer. It’s amazing how liberating it is.

Best wishes x

Thanx girls will definitely be looking on that site xx


I ordered lots from annabanda, love them! I had chemo added due to tumour being grade 3. Just wanted to say good luck. Am managing honestly better than I thought. 2 out of 6 FECT done. Its a flipping long journey, but do able. Plus getting ready when bald…so easy ?! X