OK....results are

After lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed…6 in total 11th Dec, I got the results this tues. 5th Jan…
The 1.2 cm lump on ultra sound has turned into a 2.2cm lump when it was removed, got clear margins…yah…but a TRACE was found in one of the lymph nodes…trace as in 5 years ago it wouldn’t have even been measured…but to me, every little counts beings as I’m only 4’10"…lol… it’s still there, so to me it has started spreading/moving.
I have to have a discussion with the oncologist when I see him about having radiotherapy to the armpit as well as the breast (thinking of all the associated side effects) and I will also be on arimidex for 5 years as the lump was hormone receptor positive…(thinking of all the associated side effects)…This did come as a shock as tablets had never been mentioned, only the radiotherapy, but I suppose they drip feed the information as needed so we don’t get over loaded all at once.
I know I shouldn’t moan, as I am one of the luckier ones with it being found early, but I think I need a bit of self pity, even if only for a few days.
Just wonder whats going to be waiting around the next corner…

Hi Tally, one of my nodes had a trace and they whipped the rest out! Are they not doing that for you? I had grade 1 cancer, 1cm, but still had one of the harshest chemos and 20 rads, now Tamoxifen and Zoladex for 5 years. It seems where I live they throw everything and more at you and I am not complaining at all!

Hope the appt with the Inc goes well, let us know how you get on.

Daisy x x x x x