Ok, so it all starts tomorrow.....

Hi folks. Well the weeks where I start my treatment is upon me. Consultant and scan mon, pre-op tues, node biopsy weds and mastectomy Thursday. Trying my best to stay positive but blimey I’m struggling today. Kept myself so busy but now it’s all gone quiet, the kids are in bed and now I can hear myself think…

Me too xxx lymph node biopsies tomorrow and plan was then chemo but had phone call today to say they have changed their mind and want to do mastectomies first now. Am very confused and scared . Thought I was starting chemo and now waiting for surgery ??

Thanks Brewster and Gilly. Just got back from lymph scan and they all look clear which is good news so just having senetal node biopsy when I have mx on Thursday. Looks like chemo then radio for me after that. Brewster you will be fine, sending u a big hug x

If a node shows up on a mammogram does it mean cancer has spread to it or can it be showing up for another reason?
i have results tomorrow of one that was showing.
Dont want more bad news :frowning:

Gaunts, sending you much love and strength for your surgery xxxx hope all goes well, will be rooting for you. I see my surgeon next Tuesday and hope to have surgery in next 2 weeks. Need final sentinel node results on Friday and then ready for battle !! Xxx

Fingers crossed for you to and to everyone going through this x

Hi all
Had my results from the node picked up on mammogram and its clear! Also found out im her2 negative so im having 6 mths chemo to shrink the lump then surgery. Still have a ct scan and mri to go also setinial biopsy to go for good measure.
Wishing you all well, lots of love xx