Olaparib anyone?

Hello all,

I have just had the Guardant 360 liquid biopsy which has revealed a BRCA 2 mutation. I had to go private for this but luckily I am covered by Vitality. My oncologist is putting me on Olaparib next week. Is anyone else on this and would love to hear any success stories. All the hormone therapies have failed me now so next NHS option is Paxitaxol which I am keen to avoid for as long as possible. I have multiple liver lesions and the largest is almost 7 cm after 8 months on Everolimus and Examastane. Thank you. Anne

Hi Anne , sorry you’ve not had a response yet .just responding to bump this up so someone who has some insight might see it .Best of luck with this next  treatment :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: