Olaparib - what’s it like?

Hi All, I’m due to start a year of olaparib in the next month or two due to a BRCA2 mutation.
I wondered if many of you have gone through this treatment and if you can share what it’s like as a drug and how it’s affected you with side effects, work etc?


Hi @Tabby-Lou! I’m BRCA2 too. I finished active treatment for stage3 breast cancer last October and have been on Olaparib since late November. I’m also on hormone treatment, so it is a bit hard to pinpoint what effects come from what, but my quality of life is excellent. I felt tired the first two months (not as tired as when on chemo), but now I feel pretty normal. Water tastes a bit bitter in the morning… but has improved as well. No other effects, really… Stiff joints, but I think that is the aromatase inhibitor… Bloods have coped ok, so I’m on the full dose. I know other ladies on Olaparib and they are also coping really well. Good luck! =)

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Thank you for sharing, that’s really encouraging and I’m glad it doesn’t all sound as bad as I thought it would! X x

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