Old Wifes Tales

ajxxx,I do that now with jamie,I always forget and he keeps looking and saying, she hasnt been yet,I say,wow they must be really busy,I was clever enough though to progress from pillow to rug over the years which is so much easier to have it there.eat all your veg,ul get curly hair,i still blame that on my barnett,which I have to straighten every day as I look like a nonce with it curly,but I am still glad I have hair so dont really complain too much :slight_smile:

Hi All

Loving the Old wifes tales and our bringing more memories back,

Cathy59 and Debbi, im also from Lancashire. I live in a village called Freckleton near Blackpool!!!

Never heard veg turning your hair curly… my mum told me if i didn’t eat my crusts my hair would curl. Never understood that one and always made me confused. I was born with curly hair also and my dad nicknamed me ‘curly’.

another one for the Lancashire lasses - n’er cast a clout til May be out- my mother would make me boil in woollen tights and cardies etc until June, regardless of the weather!

My mother in law insists on putting tights on under trousers on my daughter, aarrrrggggghhhhh I HATE IT, like the boys never had to endure that

Another one as come to me…

My mum would always say “Have you got clean knickers on, you might get hit by a bus!” Always said this before going out, even if i had my boyfriend there. Yep! my cheeks would burn bright red.

Another - always wrap up a child who has a fever. My poor brother had a fever and my mother wrapped him up so well he had a convulsion!

My mum said always to have a glass of milk to line my stomach before a night out drinking!!

Talking about Lancashire I noticed that you are from Heywood I am originally from Rochdale although I no longer live there.

As a child walking to school acsoss paving stones we had a rhyme
‘If you tread on a nick, you will marry a stick and a black jack will come to your wedding’

Also told as a child ‘Come on shake a leg’ i.e. hurry up. I still use that expression with the children in the nursery in Hackney and always produces an interesting response.
‘best foot forward’
‘put your thinking cap on’
‘look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves’

another lancashire lass here. my aunty was so superstitious. Dont give a purse as a present without a piece of silver in it. if you look at a new moon through a mirror you have to turn your money over in your pocket 5 times. AND if you put new shoes on the table WOW!!! everyone would have to stide over them 10 times.

My littlest won’t have her nails or hair cut, so I now let her fall asleep downstairs on OH’s lap, we sit her upright and I do hair, finger & toe nails all in one go. In the morning I tell her the ‘hair& nail fairy’ has been…

I’ve had it instilled in me that if you put unbroken egg shells in your bin, the witches will sail into your house in them. I in turn have convinced my daughter of the same, but my son pays no heed - I have to fish them out of the compost to squash them after he’s been cooking!

Also, when I shiver I say ‘someone’s walked over my grave’ — what pleasent imagery!!!

Td xx

My mother always used to say eat carrots and you will see in the dark. Can’t think why!!

My Nana was a great one for tales - she swore down thump that washing your hair when having a period was a no-no as well… she knew a Mary somebody that did and like Betty she upped and died because of it.

A green car was unlucky - in fact anything green was unlucky.

Lilac blooms in the house were unlucky. Ostrich feathers in the house were unlucky.

Don’t cut your nails on a Friday - perhaps Mary did this too.

Eating a sugar piece (butter a sugar on bread) would give you worms.

In later life she also got words mixed up. A classic was when she told my Mam she had stopped going into town much unless someone took her in the car cos there were some very erotic (erratic) bus drivers. Another time she exclaimed about the condomnation (condensation) running down the window in her bathroom when she forgot to put the fan on.

Hi All

Another one for you. I was told many moons ago… if you tried anyones wedding ring on you had to turn it three times before taken it off. if you didn’t bad luck would come your way!!!


kirsty and mags, I know where freckleton is,was looking at houses too buy there,my daughter lives in blackpool.Mags ,I dont live in heywood anymore as hubby in raf,live in suffolk just now but my very large family still live there,langfords,you may know some of them.

If you stand on a nick, and the blackjack thing was something we all used to say at school.ha ha.

Classic one and we all,with young kids must still say it,santa will not come until you are asleep.

if its raining,gods crying and if its thundering he is really cross.

omg some of the things we got told.

don’t touch the dandilions or you’ll pee the bed

don’t stamp on a beetle or it will rain

Hi all

hey debbi if your ever in the area visiting your daughter your have to come for a cuppa or a meet up. I remember the Santa one, My parents all ways told me that and i told my 2 boys. That saying i think will still be there for generations to come… it just makes kids more excited and puts smiles on their faces :slight_smile:

I was scared of thunder and lightning as a little girl and my dad told me it was all the angels having a party.

vodka… i forgot about the dandilion one, but yep that was said to me as a little girl.

Another one which i still say to the kids now;
don’t let the bed bugs bite,
if they bite,
squeeze then tight,
then they won’t bite the next night

Hi - loving this thread and whenever I think of a saying - somebody has put it down !

Another Lancashire lass here - Preston - originally from north wales but been here since I was 16.

Has anybody said about not putting umbrellas up in the house as its bad luck.

My mother in law went mad when we bought a green car and we also live at number 13 !

Liz xx

hi kirsty thanks,will do that,not going again until later in the year as I have just visited and she is coming here in july,are you part of our facebook gang?

Hi Liz

Great to here from another lancashire lass. Im originally from West Yorkshire and married a lancashire lad.My in-laws live in Preston, Fullwood.
Ive not heard about buying a green car!!

Never break a mirror or you get 7 years bad luck.

keep them coming

Kirsty xx

Hi Im originally from Liverpool … my mum used to say that if you eat the crusts off your bread you would get curly hair !! Yikes as I already had curly hair
I couldnt take the chance that It would turn into a bloody 'fro so I didnt eat em for years!!!

Maz xxxxxxx