Old Wifes Tales

When i was a little girl my grandma all way told me ‘Don’t sit on a cold step, your get piles’. I always believed her!!!

Now that i am older…much older! I know that it was an ‘Old Wifes Tale’.

Anyone else no any Old Wifes tales which are, either True or False?

I was always told by my Granny never to go out with wet hair or I’d catch a cold.

Considering the cold is a virus wet hair or not won’t matter much.

I was always told that I’d get a kidney infection if I sat on a cold step, funny how they vary.

I was told if I washed my hair during a period, I would be very ill, because Betty someone or other washed her hair when she was having a period and went out and died the next day!!! This is gospel!

Another - my mother told me that I should eat fat because it lined the stomach. Yes, my poor mother had heart disease as alas, the fat did not only line her stomach, but also her arteries and this was a woman who was a teacher and well educated, God rest her soul!!! This was going back some years though before they knew about cholesterol and clogged up arteries.

my mum always said,if you stand on a worm it will rain,and lo and behold it always did,not that I made a habit of standing on worms yuchhhh,but I do say the same things to my kids now :slight_smile:

If we ever pulled a funny face mum told us if the wind changed it would stay like that.

I told my kids that when they fell over and grazed their knees the reason it went red and swollen was cos the maintenance men had all rushed there to make it better.


I still believe these things I am reading.

Another - I have loads of these courtesy of my mum. If you look in the mirror for long enough, you will see “Old Nick” - who to those not from Lancashire, is the devil himself. I think it was to discourage vanity as my mum was taught by nuns who disapproved of such things!

I am from lancashire,never heard of him

are you from lancashire then?whereabouts if you are?

Maybe one of those sayings that have passed. Another she used to say was “standing here like cheese at fourpence”

Hi Debbi

I’m not - my mum was from Chorley

hi cathy,oh right,I am from heywood,not that many miles from chorley,i havnt heard that either,what did that mean then?Where do u live now cathy? x

old father time used to put a penny and fruit in our slipper if we left it behind the door on new years eve,so my mum said.

I think lots of things like this make ur childhood memories good,i try for as long as I can to make my kids believe in tooth fairy ,santa etc,my daughter still believed in santa until she went to high school,I think thats brill,I dont do the father time thing though,only as we are normally at a party and get in at silly o clock,with the kids of course.

Hi Debbi

Standing like cheese at fourpence means standing here like an idiot, waiting. Heywood is not far from Chorley. Near Bury? used to go out with a guy from Bury
(sorry Kirsty, we have hijacked your thread!!!)

oh yes,funny I live near the other bury now,bury st edmunds,sorry kirsty,back to your thread,dont tell lies your nose will grow…

My sister did the tooth fairy for her kids but with her third it took her 4 days to remember there was a tooth under the pillow, she had to keep telling her daughter the tooth fairy was waiting till pay day cos she was skint!!!

Debbi - that’s true - ask Pinnochio!

What about- if you cross your eyes they will stick like that or if you eat carrots your hair will turn orange!

The carrot thing can be true, you’d have to eat loads but the beta kerotene in carrots and tomatoes can make your skin go orange, hence carrot sun tan stuff

Aj - I did that with my son. Forgot all about his manky tooth and he never said anything for a few days. Told him that the tooth fairy was old and going a bit senile like grandma so very forgetful and that I would remind her!