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Hi I am 63 & noticed my right breast was getting bigger a couple of weeks ago, then 3 days ago I started getting a bit of pain. Saw the Dr this morning who did find a small lump (I hadnt found it …doh). Dr is referring me to breast clinic & said should be within 2 weeks. Ok. Bricking it now. I have read up on what to expect at the clinic . I am a single foster carer & have a 32 year old daughter. I don’t have any close friends any more. I havent told any one & don’t think I want to share with my daughter or other relatives just yet. Just wondered if any one else is older on here or any one who feels/felt like I do about telling anyone. thanks

Hi Welsh mama

Yeah, scary to be referred, but it’s the only way to determine what the lump is all about - and they aren’t always cancer! I was 64 when diagnosed at the end of last year - very early stage and the bog-standard treatment of lumpectomy, a node out and radiotherapy, followed by a hormone tablet daily for 5 years.You are bound to be concerned - who wouldn’t be - but if it is something benign your mind will be put at rest, and if it is cancer then be assured there is great and effective treatment out there and life does get back to normal sooner than you think. Take it from another 60 plus lady in her prime!

Regarding tellling people, I didn’t tell anyone until after my diagnosis, as I thought if it wasn’t cancer then no need to bother people, and if it was then I’d tell them once I knew the score and what treatment was required. Once I had a diagnosis and treatment plan I was able to say “I’ve got breast cancer but it is very early stage and very treatable” I told people around the same time, including one group I see for drinks regularly all at once, so I didn’t get the old “bush telegraph” going round - wanted to give clear and positive news to folk in my own words. It worked well and aside from supportive messages, and goodies after my op, people treated me pretty much as they always did, which is what I wanted. Didn’t want them to be all doom and gloom when i wasn’t. Fingers crossed for your appointment and though it is easier said than  done, try not to worry - we get a lot of posts from ladies who have had a benign condition diagnosed after their visit to the breast clinic, and they are kind enough to let us know  which helps others awaiting their tests. Use this site for support and information and let us know how you get on. xxxxxx

Hi Welsh Mamma

I was diagnosed with bc at the age of 64, also divorced with five children aged between 42 & 22, so you are not alone on this forum. When I was diagnosed I told my children and asked for they support and they have been fantastic and I have been unable to faulty them. Also I only told a handful of work colleagues, plus my head boss & HR dept and I made it quite clear that I would like it to be confidential and my privcy remain intact.

I can understand your anxiety, but you do need to tell your daughter of your future app at the breast clinic, you also need to take somebody with you for support, also another pair of ears is important, when you are not taking in what is been said to you. Choose in your own time, who you wish to tell and whether you would like privcy on this. Remain postivie and keep an open mind, as it might not be bc, it could be a benign lump and dealt with quite easily.

Let us know how you get on.


Love & hugs Peggyxxx 

Well I had a mammogram done last Thursday & had a phone call today with an app at the one stop (?) breast clinic on the 29th of this month. The person I spoke to said I would have an ultrasound . I’m a bit confused as I definitely can not feel a lump now & all the tenderness/pain has gone. It was comming & going but all feels fine now. I still havent told anyone & feel realy positive but obviously wonder if I may be kiddding myself. I just want to get on with it & deal with it if there is a problem. Thanks for reading :smileyfrustrated: