Oligometastatic TNBC Experiences

Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed IV TNBC De Novo in June ‘24 with ogliometastatic disease in the mediastinal area.

I started weekly Carboplatin and Paclitaxol and have been advised that they are initially working on a ‘curative’ approach :pray:t3: :crossed_fingers:t3: I’ve had 2 infusions so far and I’m feeling really well on it (for now!) unfortunately I’m not eligible for Immuno, which really upset me as I felt like it was yet another thing working against me.

Would be keen to hear from anyone on a similar path who can give me some hope … I know we are all different but it’s always motivating to hear the positive accounts.

Hi @raven2

I was diagnosed with what was initially thought to be early stage TNBC in Feb 22. I had surgery (WLE and SLNB), chemo (4 rounds EC, 12 weeks Paclitaxel) and radiotherapy. Before all this ended I had a scan for other reasons and a liver met was found. I was probably metastatic de novo through vascular invasion. PET-CT confirmed it was my only met, so I had it ablated but it grew back, and in the meantime I developed a second liver met. My TNBC is PD-L1 positive so I went on Pembrolizumab plus NAB-Paclitaxel. After a few rounds of this, I suffered an immunotherapy related adverse event which damaged my kidneys, lungs and thyroid, and had to stop treatment. However the 2 mets had reduced significantly so I had a repeat ablation. I am currently in remission. No guarantee it’s a cure but I have hope!