On Countdown

Hy everyone out there. It has been so good to receive hugs and good wishes. I am on countdown to surgery on Thursday. So odd that I feel that all I want is to be rid of this “thing” inside of me and yet I am so terrified of how I am going to get to that point. I know I will be so much better if my hubbie can stay with me but don’t think it will be allowed. I am a very emotional person at the best of times and I know I will make a fool of myself and sob all over everyone. wish me luck Brahmsie

Good Luck Miss Brahms,

The waiting is the worsed bit of BC!

Fingers crossed on Thursday that your OH will be able to stay with you until they take you in to surgery (my hospital allowed it and it made it much better!)

Don’t forget - you are allowed to be emotional (it’s in the unwritten BC rules along with no question is a silly question!)

Take care & let us know how you get on


Good luck from me too. I get very emotional too (who wouldnt?) and I am sure they will let your hubby come at least to outside the anaesthetic room.

I always cry and whichever hospital you are in, the theatre nurses are always kind and will hold your hand, and talk to you to distract you. It usually works! You certainly wont make a fool of yourself.

Your husband will be there waiting for you when you get back to the ward.

All the best to you and sending a speedy recovery hug.


Good luck Brahmsie

You are definitely allowed to be emotional.
It’s not just the op, it’s coming to terms with the big ‘C’ word as well. Unfortunately BC messes with your head as well as your body.

Take care

Hi Miss Brahms,
I was dx with bc back in october,my surgery was on monday & i have just arrived home a few hours ago,your husband should be allowed to stay with you right up to the time you go for your aneasthetic as mine was allowed & it helped me.The nurses were fantastic & looked after me so well.Hope all goes well for you & wishing you the best of luck.x

Hi Miss Brahms,

Just wanted to say best of luck for tomorrow, take care and lots of hugs xx

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes for tomorrow. I hope to be home by tomorrow evening I will be on my best behaviour. Emotional, I hope you are starting to feel better just get plenty of rest, I intend to. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers for tomorrow It certainly helps. Brahmsie


Don’t know what you are going for (Mx, lumpectomy?) but you cannot be any worse than I was on 13th Oct. I cried from the minute I went in on the 12th to the morning of my op on the 13th, they sent me down first!! must’ve been sick of my yowling… had my op and was still crying when I woke up!! Had to stay 4 nights as op was in a different town to mine and cried every day until I went home!!!

Good luck to you and best wishes and if you feel like crying carry on it’s good for you to let it out. M