On Letrozole just want to loose belly fat

How can I loose the belly fat that I have due to taking Letrozole. I do not want to particularly loose weight just the fat round my tummy, hips and bottom that is accumulating and making me feel like a Michelin lady. I am 72 have had mastectomy and lymph node clearance. Oncologist did send me for a scan of abdomen which was good of him, luckily all clear. He just said go on a diet. After 3 and a half years on Letrozole my joints, especially knees ache badly so it is difficult to bend and do exercises and I do tire easily. I started at about 8 to 8 and a half stone. Went down to 6 stone 9 pounds during chemo and then after radiotheraphy tried to put on more weight as I was far too thin. Happy when I got back to 8 and a half stone. Do not eat a great deal ( also have IBS C ) but my tummy is just so big now. It is very demoralising. Try to go for walks but legs/ joints not great. Husband so very supportive. What can I do to try to get my stomach flatter? None of my clothes fit. I am on Letrozole for 10 years. Help needed please.

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Hi maybe try posting on the hormone therapy section too for some suggestions ?

Thanks will try when I can find out how to copy and paste it.