On my last pack of Letrozole after 7 years

Hi everyone,
a long time since I last posted. I am coming to the end of my treatment after being originally diagnosed at the end of 2016. surgeries, Radio and Chemo, plus 7 years of Letrozole. am feeling apprehensive …as if my safety/comfort blanket is being taken from me. so the worry of a recurrence is high in my mind, especially as I was told that I can no longer have annual mammograms…which I just don’t understand. it was a mammogram that found my cancer in the first place!
I coped relatively well with the side effects, and am wondering how my body will react to not taking it anymore. also, do I stop ‘cold turkey’ or ween myself off it. Doctor isn’t much help.
anyone with experience of finishing treatment out there with any advise?
I should be feeling happy…? but am worrying again.


Hi @suebond88,

Welcome back to the forum - we hope it is still as supportive a place as you found it when your first diagnosed.

The mixture of emotions you’re feeling is certainly to be expected after being on treatment for so long and I’m sure there will be others replying who can share their experience of anxiety of coming off long term treatment.

It may be helpful for you to chat this through with one of our nurses, they’re always available to answer any questions you may have if you feel like your Doctor is being vague. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000.

I really hope the end of your Letrozole treatment goes smoothly, and we’ll always be here for any support or advice you need.

All the best,

Alice :heart: