On period for breast clinic appt - will it matter?

Hi all,

I found a lump in my left breast around 3 months ago which I feel has become a bit more defined recently so I went to the GP a few days ago to get it checked out. She referred me under the 2 week urgent route to ‘rule it out being cancer’.
My appointment at the breast clinic is coming up this Tuesday but I’m becoming concerned because I can feel that I due to start my period soon as my breasts have started to become very swollen and it’s coming round to that time. The ‘concerning’ lump is always there and doesn’t seem to change size at all depending on my time of month but I’m aware that my breasts do become naturally quite lumpy during my period so I don’t want this to affect the assessment at the clinic, especially because they are swollen as well and the lump is quite deep. Do you think that this is something I need to advise the clinic of beforehand or will it not matter?

As you can probably tell from my ramblings, I am getting nervous for the appointment. I’m 28 and have a chronic brain condition (which is probably why I tried to ignore the lump for a little while in the hope that it would go of its own accord / that it may just be hormonal as I didn’t want to acknowledge it). I have read a bit on these forums which have been very useful - thank you!!



Hello and welcome, thing to remember is that not all breast conditions turn out to be cancer, there are lots of benign breast conditions as well.


I am not sure about how being on your period would affect the appointment, but to put your mind at rest you could do as you have suggested and ring the breast clinic to seek some advise, or even phone the helpline on here and have a chat with someone on there, they might be able to help.


We all know what that feeling is like waiting to go to the clinic as it is fear of the unknown, but you will find that it will be fine, they are all lovely people and will want to help you as much as they can.


We are all here for you to help and support in whatever way we can.  Let us know how you get on on Tuesday.


Sending you a hug xxx


Hi ladybowler, thank you so much for your kind response, it’s really reassuring.

Yes from reading on this forum I think my lump may fit more with a fibroandenoma and not be cancerous (everything crossed!) but I suppose it’s natural that the ‘what ifs’ start creeping in the back of your mind before the appointment. Definitely fear of the unknown for the clinic apt and tests, like you say.

Thank-you, I’ll let you know how it goes.


I had my appointment today and it didn’t matter that it was the ‘time of the month’ (in case any other ladies are wondering as well).

Appointment went okay - consultant said there was a defined lump in my left breast so sent me for an ultrasound scan. Went back to see consultant after the scan who had the results straight away who said that he wanted to do a biopsy and he did a fine needle one there and then. I’ve got an appointment back with the consultant on 8th May for the result. Do you think it’s a good sign that he did a fine needle rather than a core biopsy i.e. they would have done a core biopsy if they were worried about it being something serious?

I’m thinking he did the biopsy as a precaution rather than the scan showing anything really worrying.

Thanks so much for your support! xx