On Tamoxifen and been told i have pre-diabetes and raised cholestrol

Hi All

I went for a full check up at my GP Practice a couple of days ago.  The bloods have come back that I have pre-diabetes and raised cholesterol.

I started taking Tamoxifen mid September after having a break/stopping letrozole and zoladex. Over the last couple of weeks I haven’t been feeling well, and after a number of telephone consultations with a couple of GP’s. they decided to get me in for BP, ECG and bloods.  I phoned the GP practice yesterday and was told i should get a telephone call if the results show that i need one. I didn’t receive a call. I phoned the GP practice this morning and was told by the receptionist that i have raised cholesterol and pre-diabetes. 

I am in shock as i eat healthily and exercise. which is why i was wondering if it could be the tamoxifen?  I have had recent blood tests and they haven’t shown these results before. whats going on with my body

Please can anyone provide me with some advise? x