I have been following lots of threads regarding herceptin, a couple of weeks ago , i had my 12th herceptin , i went for my heart scan before my next dose and my lvef was 38% my onc has now stopped my herceptin , i am gutted bt must admit i have felt dreadful for a few weeks, so tired, sore nails really achey and picking up bugs one after another , anybody else stopped herceptin in similar circumstances
galen x

I’ve had 13 doses now and so far no problems with heart, but just wanted to say that there is some question as to whether it is necessary to have 17 (so my onc told me), and there is a trial on (think it’s called Persephone) where shorter courses of Herceptin are being used.

So it may well be that you have had more than enough for it to be effective anyway.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!


My wife Doreen has just started her 3rd lot of chemo over a 10 year period. Two years ago she had serious problem
with her blood count do this time she is having smaller doses on the basis of 3 weeks on and week off. Herceptin has been
mentioned but whether it was in the first dose I don’t know. What is all this about the heart ?

Do the plus’s outweigh the minuses ?

Hi pastyboy65

I have posted below for you BCC’s publication on Herceptin, please feel free to call the helpline and have a chat with the nurses here for further information and support. The calls are free, 0808 800 6000, open Mon - Fri 9am - 5 pm, Sat 9am - 2pm.


Hope this helps
Best wishes

Hi Pastyboy,
I am pretty sure you would know if your wife was receiving herceptin. For a start it comes in two separate infusions, and they should tell you what they are giving you when they swap from one to the other. The other thing is you cannot start receiving it until you have had a heart scan (MUGA scan), so you would know all about this. Herceptin is only effective in tumours that have tested positive for her2, which is something they look for under the microscope after surgery.
Hope that clarifies things. Hope the chemo is bearable and does what it’s supposed to.