Oncologist appointment after treatment ends

Hi all, I finished chemotherapy 24th June, I will shortly be finishing radiotherapy and am starting Tamoxifen next week. I’m expecting my next oncology appointment to be about concluded treatment.

When should I expect to see oncology after this ?

What vital questions should I ask ?

I do not want to miss out on gaining vital information and would value your input.

Thankyou ladies xx



I finished my chemo on May 23rd 2013. Didn’t have Rads, but am taking Anastrazole for at least 5 years. Started them June/July 2013. I’m still seeing my onco but that’s becausse I’ve had problems unrelated to BC. Next appointment September 2014 when she ‘might’ sign me off.

Hiya - I finished chemo on June 26th, had my mx on August 1st, started rads on 17th Sept and finished them on 7th Oct - had a letter through last week to say I’ve got to see my oncologist on December 23rd!! Seems like a long time to me, but I’m guessing this is normal?