oncologist appointment tomorrow


I am seeing oncologist for the first time tomorrow and I m so anxious which is not like me, I just want to know whats next, the waiting and not knowing is the worst thing ever, I have written a list of questions, do not think I will get much sleep as I will be thinking  I m sure I have missed writing something down. Thought I would feel less anxious is I posted on forum but it is not working, getting stressed.



Hello and welcome to the forum.  It is not clear from your post what stage you are at.  Have you had your op and this is to discuss the next part of your treatment?



Hi H,
It depends what you’re seeing the oncologist for. Is chemo part of your treatment plan or radiotherapy only, have you had surgery?
I saw the oncologist about 6 weeks after surgery. I did not need chemo, so it was radiotherapy & hormone treatment (I had an er+ diagnosis) that the oncologist went through. I I signed the consent for radiotherapy & was given a prescription for tamoxifen to start after radiotherapy.
As ever, the prospect is always worse than the reality. I found my first appointment with the onc was reassuring & following this, I was clear on on what was happening next & it did feel better.
ann x

Hi H,
Obviously, the onc will recommend what’s needed, as ever it’s the uncertainty of not knowing that’s such a pain to deal with, so of course, that anxiety takes a grip.
It maybe an idea to start with what’s worrying you the most, then you will be able to go onto practical things like treatment details, timescales, support available etc.
It usually feels a lot better when the uncertainty is more resolved & you know where you’re going with it all.
Wishing you well for tomorrow.
ann x