Oncologist check up call confused and then some.

I had my call from the oncologist yesterday as it is several weeks since I finished treatment.
He is arranging a scan to see how the 2 (indiscriminate nodes) as they called them on my lungs are doing as well as a blood test as I have bad bruising on my stomach - he was chatty and friendly and booked a face to face in 3 months time (although this may change depending on the scan results).

He said Technically at this moment in time I am cancer-free (whatever that means) but went onto say things settle and alter once your treatment has settled down? - confused I am.

Poppy xx

Hi Poppy - Doctors/consultants often seem to speak in what I call “Doctor language”, and they forget that their patients don’t always understand. I’ve had appointments and letters where I’ve had to ask them to clarify as their terminology can seem alarming sometimes. I’m sorry I can’t help with your question but would suggest you either try to get hold of your oncologist, or sometimes you can speak to their secretary and email a question for the consultant, or call the nurses on here for advice.

I hope the bruising on your stomach clears up quickly and that all is well once you have had your scan. Evie xx

You don’t say exactly what treatment you have had so I may be coming at this from the wrong angle. I wondered if your consultant meant that physically things may change and settle down now your treatment is over. For example surgery scars will fade, swellings might shrink, etc. 

Hi Poppy, where I’m being treated I’ve never heard anyone use the term cancer free! The new terminology appears to be NED ( no evidence of disease) as there is always a chance that cancer will return. In some cases of BC the % can be quite high. If you are happy to wait for him to explain then that’s ok. All sounds a bit fluffy to me though. Sit him down and sort him out next time you speak to him. You aren’t stupid, you’ve been through a lot , and in my opinion a bit of plain speaking wouldn’t be amiss! Ann x