Oncologist suggest stopping chemo

Hi , I’ve had 3 of my 6 FEC. It wasn’t half as bad as I imagined it was going to be. Having said that after each bout I’ve had kidney pain and more recently a very bad lung infection. So my body doesn’t like it at all.
My oncologist now says we should consider stopping the treatment.
Going to meet her next week for an in depth discussion.
I’m shocked and wonder has anyone else gone through this.
How do you feel? Its against my whole being to quit anything!
so not an easy decision.
Any comments would be welcome.

I stopped at number 4 out of 6 due to severe anxiety/panic attacks…I discussed this with 2 onc’s, BCN and GP first…onc., said she was happy for me to stop as I was borderline chemo [didn’t know that at the time of starting] even though I was grade 3…also they hadn’t expected me to have any chemo’ as I was so negative/scared about it.
I’m sure your Onc., would not of suggest this if she felt the benefits out-weighed the side effects, are you ER+…if so you can also have your ovaries removed or injections to stop them working , which apparently I would of been offered had I not had any chemo’.
Like you I am not a quitter…that is why I discussed it with so many medic’s first.
It is a difficult decision to make and I think once you have had an in-depth discussion with your onc., you will be in a better position to decide whats best for you.

karen x

mines going to say the same … I am only one into Gem/carbo and it is havinga good effect on my lungs (taxotare did not and I was stopped after 5) BUT I have been so breathless and they do not know why, he thinksit is not a side effect of the chemo but is unable to pinpoint an infection.

i am not happy to stop this chemo at all…however I will have to be guided by him.

good luck

jan xx

I was on ANC chemo and was stopped after 2 cycles (out of 4). I had severe side effects and the oncologist suggested that there would be more harm done then good. He also said that I did have some protection after 2 cycles and was also taking Arimidex. I am still NED 3 years on, so hope that whatever was ‘floating’ around has been mopped up by the 2 cycles and the Arimidex.

Good luck.


Many thanks
Karen Jan + Birgit, For your replies. I do feel less of a quitter realising its not just me. My pneumonia is just showing signs of abating.
If I’m to have no4 FEC it would be this Thursday. I’m not sure my body will be back to full strength by then.

The other thing is the Onc may decide not to continue at all.
I’m in a quandry wondering what question to ask her My mind goes into a scrabble with all the statistics etc;
Any suggestions
Hipe you are all fighing the good fight
take carex


Sweetie you have to weigh up the benefits of staying on the chemo if it will only add to your overall outcome by minimal percentages then i guess the onc is right in saying you should stop, you never know maybe the amount you have already done has mopped up any (if atall) stray cells lurking around and you will be fine without the further doses.
Is there anything the onc can give you to counteract the side effects? if you feel safer staying on the chemo maybe you could have it as an in patient on the ward where they can monitor you more closely i know my freind did this when she got nasty infections whilst on it…not ideal i know but at least they are there should you need IV antibiotics.

Make sure you weigh up the pros and cons with your onc and get straight answers from him or her and take somebody with you when you next see them.

hi i stoped after no 4 i just couldnt cope. i was borderline as well. my onc said i had done enough. she was happy for me to stop and wouldnt loose any slee over me. that helped me a lot. after all i only had chemo so i was allowed herceptin. a year of that. i am not sure i will cope as panicky like you. still i will give it my best shot and keep going as much as i can. good luck. someone told me i was brave to stop… i hadnt thought of it like that i thought i was a wimp coward etc. now having stopped i feel gt. enjoying myself before herceptin starts next week or two. good luck