ONCOLOGIST/SURGEON Who do you think would pick up on any problems you had with your breast after operation and radiotherapy.

Would it be your Oncologist that would maybe spot something that was maybe not quite right or do you think it would be your Surgeon.

Who would know more about BC. The Oncologist or the Surgeon.


Hi Janet,

I was in this position a couple of times and actually got passed back and forth between the two! I felt safer in the hands of my surgeon at that point - but I suppose it depends on the relationship you have with each one. Probably 2 heads better than 1? In your case it is hard to say because you do not state what the problem is.

Love Dawn

Hi Janet, am in same position Because ,my surgeon has moved to the Royal Marsden I had the choice of going with her, having a new one or staying with current Onc.

I chose the 2 handed approach and went with original surgeon as I thought that at least she knew which bits were supposed to be where in my breast [after all, she had re-arranged them] but I also see my current Onc as well, 6 monthly switches.

Although my surgeon and I can be at loggerheads at times I do have a great deal of confidence in her, my Onc is very good also and very nice but somehow I feel that his attitude is a lot more blase and therefore my confidence level in him is slightly lower.

Thought I would have the best of both worlds and will find out over the coming months how it works out as I am now 1 year post dx.

Can I ask why you have raised this question ?