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hi All
After being diagnosed at 35 earlier this year, had my masectomy and aux clearance. Results were better than anticipated being in only 1 node but I had become more postivie until the visit today. Maybe Im just being pessimistic - he said it was really good that I didnt need herceptin and (god Im crap remembering things), lympho vasal something wasnt involved but still Grade 3 and 3cms. He said 6 stages of progrnosis, 6th being poor and I was at 5 - was totally gutted as had got my hopes up to be higher - i know its computer generated but… talked about having my overies out too which was a bit upsetting as Im widowed (5yrs) and have no children and was just starting to enjoy life again and open up to poss. relationships! He did sayk with all the treatment up to 80% chance of survial for 10 ten years based on figures but doesnt include spreading or recurrence - just feel that Ive gone back down and so so so scared of the chemo which starts next wednesday. Sorry for compalining when I know people are worse off - I do have lots of good family and friends around me and planning to have an action packed weekend seen as feel it will be my last for some time.
Hope I havent upset anyone

Awww you sound so sad at the moment. I can understand that the thought of having your ovaries removed when you have no children will be upsetting.

Please do not apologise for complaining - you have every right to be upset, you are going through a tough time at the moment and you need to voice your fears and worries. I used to tell ppl that I was lucky … as in lucky my cancer was caught so early, lucky I only had WLE, lucky I was node clear… when there were others much much worse than me, but then someone pointed out that I was not lucky cos I still had BC and was dealing with the crap that went with it… I now say I am luckier than I could have been.

I can’t offer you any reassurance on the chemo cos I did not have that - I went straight to rads. I’m sure someone will be along soon to give you their take on chemo. All I can say is that there have been many ladies posting about how it’s not been as bad as they had initially anticpicated.

Good luck with the chemo and the rest of your treatment.

Big hugs to you.


Hi Lisaf

I am 39 and was diagnosed in February with grade 3 IDC 2.5cm lump. I havn’t been told my prognosis as the oncologist didn’t have all my notes at the time but probably similiar to yours. I am in the middle of chemo at the moment. It is hard but can be done. Then I have rads in Sept-oct. It is alot to take in but once treatment starts I felt in control more and less stressed. This site has been invaluable for support and advice.
Complain as much as you like - you deserve to. We all do on this site by having this horrible disease.
Take care

Hiya Both

Thanks very much for your comments both much appreciated - had a bad moment but fighting head back on tomorrow just need to wallow every now and again. Im such a baby as have phobia of needles and when had surgery struggled to get canula in but tomorrow another day. Ive got lots planned for this weekend and plan to have a bit of booze and enjoy my weekend with my friends!!!

Thanks for your support.

Rach - how the chemo going? I know it can be done as I didnt feel I could do surgery but done that just dreading it. Hard when all my friends are happy and settled down.

Take care & thanks

Hiya lisaf

I think i have wrote to you on another site.My name is also lisa,was dx at 34 now 37.Had lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed.Then chemo and rads.Chemo was hard but you get through it.My viens broke down halfway through so had a pickline,its a fine line that goes in your main vien.No more needles it was fab.You will have more bad days than good but try and stay as pos as poss.Sound off as much as you need to it does help you to get it off your chest.I did not have the access to the internet when i was ill,wish i had all the ladies have such good advice and can answer most questions,which is half the battle.Its the not knowing that used to get me.Just a bit of advice when having chemo,listen to what they tell you to do.Get as much rest as poss,for up to 4 days at least just get up for meals and things,be very self indulgent it pays off in the end.I suffered with mouth ulcers not bad just a bit sore,someone told me to drink pinapple juice the acid in it cleans your mouth of bacteria,i know everyones diff but it helped me.I used to wake up in the night,wide awake at first i used to make myself lay their and try to go back to sleep.After a few nights i got up and pottered around the house watched a bit of tele or read a book.The worse thing to do is lay their your mind wanders go to bed when tired,get up when not,you do get back to normal after a while,just listen to your body.Hope you have nice time at the weekend enjoy the drink that is one thing i couldnt do on chemo,just didnt like the taste.Dont let chemo rule your life just work your life around chemo.Do you know what chemo you are having?I cant remember what mine was called.Anyway i will stop rambling(i am very well known by my friends for talking a lot)and go back to bed its a bit early to get up yet.Keep in touch any questions just ask.I am very open and honest.

lopez(my nickname)

Hi Lopez

Think you replied to my thread on another page - thanks for all your comments and feedback its much appreciated and helpful. You replied to another of my messages on this site and I am most grateful. Ive heard abotu the tiredness and I need to go with it as Im terrible for wanting to get back to normal (whatever) that is and work - did you go back to work??

The vien thing sounds awful as Im terrifed of ops. Think Im having 3 x FEC and then something begining with T?!?! After hour with him my head was battered.

Ramble away its all very helpful and much appreciated! Im gonna enjoy the weekend and sunshine

Hiya lisaf

Think i had FEC did they say it was red.I had 12 mnths off work it is very draining.i suppose it depends on what you do.The pick line is done in theatre by a pick line nurse but only because it has to be sterile.Didnt even know they had done it.It was quite knew when i had it and for their training they had to do it on one another(how awfull).Oh well off to work now enjoy the sunshine and keep in touch.


thanks for that - heard its red! Work have given me a lap top and paid for broadband so that if I fee up to it I can work from home. I wanna be as routine as possible but suppose that’s high hopes.

Thanks for your messages

Hi Lisaf
hope you’re doing ok today. just thought i’d add my tuppence worth as i have similar story …

I’m 37, dx in Jan this year with 5cm grade 3 lump. Advised to do chemo first, then surgery, possibly also rads. Had SNB 2 Feb and one of two nodes removed positive. Can’t remember prognosis stats, but with chemo it wasn’t as bad as i’d anticipated, so chose to accept and get on with it.

Am on AC chemo (one of these is the red one too!) - have had 5 of 6 (time does pass quicker than you expect). I’ve been pretty lucky with minimum side effects - you need to learn to listen to body and rest up when you get a chance - initially a few hours every three or four evenings did it for me, now I’m resting for an hour or so most days. I worked as normal up to chemo no 4 (also wanted to keep things “normal”), but have been signed off for last four weeks with severe eye infection of all things (infection cleared now altho sight still blurry). Hoping to get back next week, but likely to work reduced hours as tire more easily now. My immunity defo lower, and with toddler in nursery, have had permanent cold or minor infection, but not enough to stop me getting on … until this eye infection. So not too bad all in all … and lump reduced to less than 2cm so it is working!! Hopefully you won’t find too many bad side effects either, but we are all different!

Good luck for your first chemo next week,

Thanks for that and sharing your story. Great that your lump has reduced so much and it sounds like youve done really well with your chemo, surgery next then? I was terrified but surgery wasnt quite as bad as I expected. Thanks for your support made me feel more positive. Good luck with getting back to work - it makes things feel more normal - no one expected me back after surgery everyone said chill and enjoy the time off but I wanted some normality back and it takes your mind off it as Im sure you toddler does too!!!

Thanks again