Oncology appointment tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the day I should get more answers and fingers crossed a date to start treatment - or I’m I hoping for too much!?
Is there a guide to when treatment should start ?

Hi floss. Is it results day tomorrow from surgery? If so they will probably give you the next part of the plan. 4/6 from surgery to rads for me starting 6th June but I had to wait for oncotype results to come back which took 3 weeks. My nurse told me that healing time is needed before the rads and also I have a small haematoma and that’s after 6 weeks post surgery but rads teams say it’s ok to go ahead. Good luck with your results

Hi floss,

Is this the results from your scan or biopsy?

I am having a CT scan on Thursday and not sure of the next step, have an appointment to see consultant again next week but no oncology appointment ?
I don’t know either it’s hard isn’t it not really knowing that he next steps.

Keep us updated and good luck for tomorrow.


Oh I see so you still have to wait a little while even when the plan is decided. Mine is all three but they are waiting for scan to see if chemo first then surgery then radiotherapy, Dr is hoping to go straight for op but I guess it’s a wait and see.

Good luck tomorrow and hoping for speedy progress for you ??