Had my biopsy Monday in breast screening had a call today & I have an appointment on Wednesday in oncology. Is this the normal progression after a biopsy. Thanks for reading & replies in advance x x

Hi dmcf,
When I had my biopsy done they told me they would see me in a weeks time (to the day) when they would inform me about the results. I was sent a letter a few days later with the time of the appointment. Not sure if that helps, it seems different hospitals take slightly different approaches but most of the women I have spoken to have been told their results in person not over the phone.
Appreciate it’s a worry time waiting - hope the results are good and try to keep as calm as you can during the week.

Thanks sea breeze. Yeah I was informed id get an appointment sooner than the one I already had booked for the 30th. I was expecting a letter but got a call instead. And I thought it would be in the breast screening clinic but it’s in oncology which is the bit that’s causing a little worry x x