Oncotype DX questions

I have recently had surgery for early stage breast cancer (grade 2 IDC, strongly ER and PR +, HEr2-, lymph node -ve). The plan is for radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

I don’t think that I am eligible for the oncotype test on the NHS because my NPI score is classed as low (3.2).

Has anyone had the test on the NHS with that kind of profile, and in particular whether anyone who is having NHS treatment has paid to have it done (can you do that without moving your care to private care)?

Thank you!

Hi Cloudy,

I had my Oncotype DX on private medical insurance but there are other things that are not covered by the insurance that I have paid for out of pocket. As I understand it you can pretty much have any test if you’re happy to pay for it (happy isn’t really the right word as it’s all so pricey!).

I think it’s always worth asking how much these things cost and then working out if it’s worth it. It’s likely that your oncologist also works privately so should be able to arrange the test for you if you are prepared to pay for it.

I can say that getting my Oncotype test results have left me feeling confident in my treatment plan.

I’m not sure if any of this is helpful but I think it’s always worth asking your Dr.

Rach x

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Thank you Rach - I do feel as though it makes sense to have the test when it gives such individual results rather than just the clinical statistics, I will speak to the oncologist. x

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Hi Cloudy

Did you decide to go for the test? I am in similar position to you with cancer type (IDC, same hormone profile) - they do think grade 1 but will be confirmed with my MRI results tomorrow and op in a couple of weeks. My grandma died of premenopausal breast cancer but they won’t consider me for genetic testing as only one relative…but, apart from my Mum who fingers crossed has been ok, there are no other women! Grandma an only child, Mum had a brother, I had a brother.



Hello blue, yes I am paying for the test to be done privately. Maybe you could discuss with your surgeon/team whether you can have the test you want privately? Mine were very helpful when I asked about it. I hope it all works out well for you.

Thank you. Yes, I am going to press for it. Someone has mentioned the DUTCH test too?? I think the objective is to get the cancer out quickly and then we can always revisit bigger surgery later if gene testing justifies it. Scary putting your life if someone else’s hands but I do have a good feeling about the consultant and have confidence that she doesn’t mess about. Good luck with everything and hope we are both on the other side of this very soon :kissing_heart: