Oncotype DX Test

Hi. I had a single mastectomy on 26th November. When I saw my consultant for the results he said that the recommendation for next treatment would be chemotherapy. I had my first appointment with the oncologist today and he said that chemotherapy may not be necessary. He told me about the Oncotype DX test which would indicate if the cancer would respond to chemotherapy or not. However, he also said that there wasn’t extensive testing on this in younger women (I’m 37yo). The results are scored between 0 - 100. If the score is low there may be no benefit to having chemotherapy. If it is high then chemotherapy is recommended. 
I am so confused now and don’t really know what to do. I had just started to get my head around having chemo. The oncologist has said that I can have the test done and see what the results are or just go straight in for chemotherapy. 
My concern is that if I don’t have chemo any rogue cancer or pre cancerous cells may not be ‘mopped up’. But then if I have chemo and it isn’t of any benefit, I am putting myself through a lot for nothing. 
Has anyone had this test? How did you make the decision? 

Thank you for reading - hope I make sense!

L x 

Lbow :heart: The decision has to be yours, I know Dizzybrummie on the oct17 Chemo thread with me was boarderline and chose to have chemo. It is a tough one but think she wanted everything throwing at it and that was decision she made. Have a conversation with your onc and also use the ask the nurse facility on here and the someone like me on here too, it might help with your decision :heart:??:sparkles::sparkles:shi xx

Hello L


Sorry you find yourself here, we are all here to help each other x


I had lumpectomy in june for a 15mm tumour, biopsy had indicated grade 2, when reports came back it was actually a grade 3 invasive so chemo was mentioned.


Im 39 and as tumour was 15mm and no lymph node involvement, they said i was in this small group of people eligible for oncotype dx test as it was unclear if chemo would benefit me.


I had test and results were back within a week, as we are under 50 years old we need a score below 15 to rule out chemo, mine was 22. Hubby and i had already agreed i would have chemo if results were borderline.


I had 6 rounds of chemo and in all honesty i got thru it fine, there were tough days but it was doable, i finished on oct 23rd and then had 20 blasts of radiotherapy so finished my active treatment 4 weeks ago. 


Im glad i had the opportunity for the test, and didnt have to pay fot it as it is over £3,000. To me it proved chemo was a worthwhile treatment option.


If your not ruling out chemo, the test wont delay treatment but it will help form a more evidenced based decision.


Thinking of you

Helly xx