Oncotype DX


I received my oncotype DX result yesterday. It is 12 and the Brestcare nurse said there was no point to do chemotherapy, as <25. I read afterwards that this was the case for post menopausal women, however in premenopausal women (which I am) chemotherapy would bring an advantage of 2.9%. Does that mean I still should try and get chemotherapy? Has anyone else been in this situation? 
Many thanks.

First of all, Greentea, congrats on your low oncotype score!! It is truly something to be thankful for since it means you can avoid chemo. Because you can without a doubt as stated in this study - “When the researchers analyzed premenopausal women and those younger than 50 years old at the higher end of the intermediate-risk range (16–25) separately, the results showed there may be a small benefit from chemotherapy, and thus these women should consider chemotherapy with their doctor.” 16 and above is the only time they recommend chemo for those under the age of 50.

But you may be wondering why. Well first of all, chemo is poison for cancer. But the cancer has to be susceptible to it for it to work because otherwise it’s just poison for you. Low oncotypes scores normally means your breast cancer is not multiplying at a quick rate. Chemo only targets fast growing cells so there’s an excellent change that even if you had cancer cells in your body it wouldn’t hit them. Secondly if you’re node negative with a slow growing tumor chances of it going anywhere else but your breast is very slim. So why take a poison if you don’t have to? Most people do very well with chemo and recover completely. But some don’t. There are always risks and the risks have to be compared to the rewards. The chances of you getting any rewards from chemo with your oncotype score is minute. So the risks simply outweigh the rewards. I hope that helps. But definitely take you endocrine therapy. That’s the bigger guns anyway and if you can do so, exercise. Statistically speaking the rewards of exercise is huge. Like it might be the biggest risk reducer of everything (anywhere from 40 to 70 percent reduction in recurrence rates). Good luck!