Oncotype DX


Just had my results for WLE as HER negative oestrogen pos.  Lesion was 12mm but they found another one close by at 3mm that didn’t show on mammogram or ultra sound.  Both measure 15mm but they have measured with the gap as 30mm and have sent sample to America for Oncotype to evaluate whether chemo would benefit.  I must admit although a bit shocked as chemo was always a no but I am very grateful they have agreed to do this test.  Has anyone experienced this and if you don’t mind me asking what were you results? Linda x

Hi Linda


I was in a similar position, with a larger than originally expected tumour, which tipped me into being eligible for the Oncotype Test.  It was a horribly long wait for the results (or at least it felt so at the time).  My result was 17, so I avoided chemo.


Good luck with your results.



Hi Petra. It feels such a slog at this point and I remember shock of having to go in again for a wider margin. The Oncotype is so person specific and I was very lucky to be offered the test and to find out chemo wasn’t of any benefit. Wishing you all the very best and let us know how you get on xx