Oncotype Results

I am 6 weeks post surgery and was told 2 weeks ago that a sample was being sent for Oncotype test. Can’t tell me when the sample was sent so don’t know how much longer I have to wait for the results, have an appointment on Tuesday with oncology so hopefully will have them then.


I’m interested to know how long other people wait for their results and what was your results?



I had to wait 3 weeks to get the result from my onco test, my score was 40, high risk hence chemo?


Joemic X


I am waiting for oncotype results too. I was up told it can be up to four weeks (they go to the USA).

Mel x



I had my Surgery at the end of April and had my results from Surgery on 14th May 2019, and the sample was sent after this date.   I had an appointment booked for the 10th June and received results from Oncotype then. 


My score was 25.