Oncotype results


I am 4 weeks post WLE and SNB surgery, good recovery so far.

Been to follow up appointment today. Fantastic news was that nodes are clear and clear margins achieved, phew!!

I was then told about the oncotype test and my results, I didn’t know anything about this before today. I thought if nodes clear it would be rads and tamoxifen but if nodes positive chemo, rads and tamoxifen. Either way I expected to have a plan confirmed and never expected something else would delay this process.Just want to get our life back!

I am 47yrs old,ER+ ,HER2-, stage 2 tumour 2cm. Oncotype has come back at 25. 

Ive been told they will be discussing me at MDT tomorrow my breast care nurse said she will call me to let me know what is said.I have been given an appointment with the oncologist for 11th September. So everything up in the air again! Not sure I can stand 4 more weeks of waiting just to discuss this.I wish a decision could just be made and then the plan can get going. I think I have already decided if it’s a choice I have to make then I will probably go ahead with chemo, I have to feel I have done all I can to stop it coming back. Obviously if the oncologist recommends otherwise I will be guided by him. 

What is everyone else’s experience with this?

I’m trying to second guess what they will suggest, anyone else out there who had similar oncotype results? What was suggested to you??

Thank you xx

Go for it ! I had similar staging and cancer size way back in January  Didn’t get oncotype but was told six per cent difference to odds so I went for it . Start rads tomorrow last leg after surgery and chemo .  Chemo isn’t pleasant but doable 


My situation is similar to yours, I found a lump on 30th april and had a lumpectomy june 13th and the tumour came back as 15mm grade 3, good margins and lymph nodes clear.


I was offered oncotype dx test (results came back with 1 week but that may be due to where we live) and hubby and I had already decided that if it came back borderline I would have chemo - it came back at 22 and as I am 39 it was a little over borderline (as I understand the scoring system, if you are under 50 the score needs to be under 15 for no chemo).

My chemo started on 10th july so am on day 17 of 2nd cycle, will have 6 in total (3 x EC and 3 x T). 


So far I have been very well, hair loss from around day 14, minimal sickness, tired but able to sleep well and some chemo brain. The side effects were only slightly worse on 2nd cycle but eased much quicker, but I can only base this on the EC drug combination as I am aware that T brings its own side effects, and each person reacts differently. My oncologist explained that altho there were no cancer cells in my lymph nodes they couldn’t be sure it hadnt got into my blood stream, hence chemo mopping things up. 


I dont regret opting for chemo and would make this choice again for myself, I will also be having radiotherapy and tamoxifen for 10 years.

Hope this helps