Oncotype score 21

Hello everyone, this is my first post so sorry if I miss anything out. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. I have had surgery wide local excision which removed all the cancer with clear margins. The diagnosis was 25mm ER/PR positive, HER2 negative no lymph node involvement. My Oncotype score was 21 so I assumed no chemo, however my nurse has called to say that they want to discuss at next MDT meeting this Friday so can’t rule out chemo at the moment. I am 51 years old - no idea if I am pre/post menopause as have been on the mini pill for years so no periods for forever. I just assumed unless the score was over 25 then chemo for a definite no. Has anyone else been in this situation and was told that chemo was recommended? Thanks x

I was a 23 but under 50 so chemo was a definite. I don’t know why they’re thinking about it except perhaps for you being possible still premenopausal. Did you happen to have LVI? That might be another reason they are considering it.

Hi Kay, sorry if it’s dense. What is LVI? X

Lymphovascular invasion. It’s when cancer cells are found in the lymph and blood vessels around the tumors.

Thank you - no I haven’t been told this. I suppose I will know by Friday. You would think I would be used to the waiting game by now!

Hi @ronnies - I am also ER/PR positive, HER2 negative; my oncotype score was 22; just one above yours. Onc strongly recommended chemo as I had more than 3 lymph nodes involved but I declined chemo. Similar to your view, I thought chemo is recommended if the score was over 25. So I only had radiation treatments (15 regular and 5 boosts). I am now taking letrozole for 10 year (hate the hot flashes); abemaciclib for 2 years; (horrible side effects) zoledronic acid every 6 months for next 3 years. Good luck to you on whatever route/decision you choose. Keep us posted! Hugs.

Hi. I had exactly the same situation! Onco was 21 and was told I needed chemo by the breast care nurse when she rang with my results. I’m 43. I spent all of Christmas being anxious about chemo and wondering how I’d cope but when I saw the oncologist he told me I needed endocrine therapy and that I didn’t necessarily need chemo. I so wish that they told us information that was a definite plan and not juts what they think may happen. I’ve had surgery, radiotherapy and currently on exemestane and zolodox injections and trying to count my blessings but it’s all tough and we all relate so sending lots of love and strength xx

Thank you so much for sharing. Only a couple of days now until I find out. I am hopeful as I’m over 50 it will be radio only. Fingers crossed x

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I am hopeful it’s just radio. Waiting for results has taken over my life and I am struggling with emotions this week. If I don’t count tomorrow or Friday it’s only one day to wait! Haha

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@ronnies good luck