Found out today that my tumor going off for “oncotyping” with my consent.


Anyone else had this and were the results helpful??


I have a er+ HER- grade 3 BC with clear lymph nodes.  We didnt get margins so having more surgery next Monday.  When we get results of oncotyping it will give an idea if chemo would be a benefit to me as I am a borderline.  Again, would be interested in others who have made this decsion.


I have been told that tamoxifen is now the drug of choice but have been reading side effects and not feeling happy at all with these!!


look forward to reading replies


Amanda xxx

I’ve got the exact diagnosis as you except they got clear margins with my lumpectomy. I have appointment with the oncologist to discuss the results of the oncotype test on the 23rd

My BC nurse said she would ring me before that if the results came back so I would know what was going to be suggested. Worries me that if my results come back as ‘in the middle’ then I have to decide whether or no to have chemo.
I don’t seem to read much about this test on here so don’t know how common it is to have done.

Got results this morning . Oncotype came back high so it’s chemo for me ?

Hi Daisy,


So sorry to hear you are a high…


Can I ask what your full treatment plan is (as we are so similar so far), is your treatment plan to take tamoxifen as well as the chemo+radio? I am 49 and classed premenopausal although having all the symptoms of menopause already!


I initially had a plan in place, but now with oncotyping it is a wait out again.  I have been doing some (a lot) of reading around tamoxifen and it does not appear to be a very nice drug and has a lot of side effects.






I’m 54 and post menopause… I’m having radiotherapy after the chemo and taking tablets after that for 5 years… tho for the life of me I can’t remember what ones I was told… only that they werent tamoxifen as I was post menopause

Hi Ladies

I too am awaiting my Oncotype test results. I had a 16.5mm grade 3 tumour with over 5mm clearance margins removed during lumpectomy (mid Oct) so Im lucky in the fact that don’t have any further breast surgery. SNB showed 0.66mm micromet but the node was removed and classed as “negative”. I should have had results back by now but the lab at my hospital sent off the wrong tissue sample - the node not the tumour, so another week or so to wait for the results.

I’m interested too to see how many other ladies have had the Oncotype test done and whether it swayed the decision on chemo. I have a meeting wirh the Oncologist later this week so have a fair few questions to ask at that meeting.

I too am ER+ (score 8/8) and HER2- so have been told rads and Tamoxifen but for 10 years as Im only 39. Read the side effects of the tablets too and they don’t sound pleasant!

Wishing all you ladies luck on your BC journey.


Hi Jo,
I did not have the oncotype test, but I’ve seen others have found it helpful, although it can be a bit of a dilemma if the score is borderline.
Just to point out, many of us are fine on tamox, the list of side effects can look alarming & those having problems will, understandably, post here, but it’s does not represent everyone’s experience.
It’s doing an important job, so see how you go, you may well be fine anyway. If side effects are a problem, then you’ll deal with it then.
ann x

Hi Ann-M and thanks for your encouraging reply!

Im one of those people who always read the SE’s on all medications due to severe penicillin allergy and allergies to other antibiotics, I tell myself everytime not to read the SE’s but I do it anyway and wind myself up!

The original Oncologist was very positive and said her only concern was that I am a grade 3 and there was a question mark over chemo so the MDT decided on the Oncotype Test. I have started to prepare myself that the results may well advise chemo just on the grade alone, however its the waiting that feels like an eternity.

Jo x

Hi Amanda

Thanks for your reply. Your journey sounds similar to mine at the moment. Did you decide to go for the chemo then?

I know of someone who had Tamoxifen and had bad SE’s for 6 months but it settled down after that time and now has very little SE’s. Although I know that no 2 people are the same and everyones bodies are unique.

Although I do not want to have chemo for vanity reasons and again for SE’s and I know people who have had mixed reactions whilst undergoing chemo treatment, for me I want to give myself the best possible chances of mopping up any rogue cells that may be wandering around in my body. I was told there was no vascular involvement in my pathology report and my cavity shave was benign so not sure if that has any bearing on the MDT requesting the Oncotype Test.

Wishing you good luck on your BC journey and I will keep an eye out for your progress.

Jo x


Yes, I did the chemo, started December 2016.

(I started this thread all those months ago!)


I used lots of “alternatives” to help me with my journey - good luck with yours



Hi Amanda

I’d not noticed it was Nov 2016 when the thread was started lol ?

Hope you get sorted wirh an alternative to Tamoxifen!

Jo x