One Bigger Than The Other

Finished 7 weeks of RT 2 months ago and I still have stiffness in the bust and under the arm. Since the RT the bust is a little larger, the scar tissue is very hard and lumpy.
Dr when I saw him last week mentioned lymphodema in the bust and then changed the subject. It was not until I got home that I realised what he had said. Each day I rub in the aqueous cream and I make sure that I keep moving the arm and I am doing shoulder rolls as the skin feels as if it is cracking if it stays still too long.
Has anyone else had the same problems and should I just be patient and let time help. I keep telling myself that I should allow 6 months.
Hugs Marion

Hi Marion

I too was left with a larger firmer bust which after 9 months softened but remained larger.
I did find it a little uncomfortable for about 2 months, it was more embarrassing than anything else though. I didnt wear anything tight fitting usually a top with a jacket or blouse over.

Take care.

Hello Marion
My situation sounds very similar to yours.
My lumpectomy was last December and around April I developed lymphoedema in the affected breast. My onc didn’t want to do anything about it until after rads as the rads makes it worse - and yes the breast did become bigger and harder after rads.

I finished rads at the end of June and waited until August to mention it again. I’ve now been referred to a lymphoedema specialist for a course of MLD (manual lymphatic drainage).
Good luck
Anthi x

I had surgery Dec 05 (including full node clearance) and finished rads in Aug 06. Before and after rads (for about 6 months) I did have some lymphoedema in the affected breast which made it look/feel slightly larger (it wasn’t too bad - so I never asked anyone to look at it). The lymphoedema did seem to fix itself however, given time, and now the affected breast is slightly smaller (as I thought it should be). The difference is just noticeable in clothes - so someday I might ask my surgeon if there’s anything that can be done to align things, but right now might still be too soon. Its 2 years since diagnosis now, and the bulk of the flesh has mostly recovered from rads and feels more or less back to normal, but the ‘boost’ area is still quite hard. I’m waiting to see if there’s any further improvement before I worry too much.

So I think I would say - yes - just give it time. At least a year infact. But if you experience any significant discomfort then do seek help.

I finished my radiotherapy at the end of august and about two months later i noticed my breast had become much firmer and a little bigger than the other one when i saw the consultant i mentioned it he said he didnt think it was fluid just a change in texture as a result of the rads but i think he was just trying to aviod the issue it isnt something that bothers me and isnt really noticeable athough i am small breasted .